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How It Works: 3 Steps to Academic Success

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  • To get started, you need to create an account and post a question.
  • Creating an account is seamless and fast, taking approximately 20 Seconds.
  • No verification is needed.Register and start posting questions. 


You just create an account, post and go, we will notify you via email whenever a tutor bids on your question.


Step 1: Post Your Question

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  • Tutors start bidding on your question immediately after you post it. 
  • We send email notifications to the student when bids are placed.
  • Student reviews the bids while discussing with tutors. 
  • Student chooses one tutor and accepts the bid, paying a deposit which is only released when the tutor delivers quality work. 


Once you accept the bid, you can converse with your tutor to ensure strict conformance to your requirements.

Step 2: Choose a Tutor

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  • Tutor delivers quality, plagiarism free work.
  • Student accepts the work, releases the deposited funds to the tutor, and leaves a review.


Keep note of the tutor you work with so that you ca invite them later. 

Step 3: Quality Work Delivered

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  • Once you leave a review for your tutor, repeat this process with any other assignment.
  • We guarantee high quality, original work, 24/7.