De Anza College Evolution of The Internet Speech: Art & Design Answers 2021

De Anza College Evolution of The Internet Speech: Art & Design Answers 2021

De Anza College Evolution of The Internet Speech: Art & Design Answers 2021

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De Anza College Evolution of The Internet Speech

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also the brady civil war photographs where they moves the bodies
The primary purpose of this speech is to demonstrate and inform on how the internet has
provided tremendous access to data and communication all over the world. The internet has
provided access to networking whose role is to enhance some research in science, engineering,
and provision of global defence and surveillance.
The internet is a system that contains transformed communications of several methods of
commerce that allows some computer networks across the world to interconnect (Tien, 149-178).
It emerged back in the 1970s in the United States in which it failed to be visible to the public up
to the year 1990s. Research has shown that by the year 2020, around 4.5 billion people have been
beneficiaries of the internet and have been estimated to have great interest to the internet
I) Internet as a massive capacity
The internet has given an enormous capacity that is much more powerful and can be used
for any purpose depends on the specific type of communication (Chen, 379). It is readily
available to individuals who make connections to at least one of its constituent networks (Jorge
E, 1379).
The internet has supported human communication through social media. This makes
people do labor collaboratively at different places across the world.
II) Radio system
The internet has led to the developing of a radio system that has provided access to some
computing resources (David M, 102170). The introduction of packet satellite has given access to
the network in the United States together with some other European countries allowing
connection to remote areas.
The radio system has contributed to access of necessary resources which are applied on
daily basis in conveying important information
In conclusion, the internet remains one of the most important things that was invented in
humanity. The quantity of the things one can do with the internet is much more phenomenal. It is
now a great tool to learn and communicate by just pressing a click at the mouse. However, its
restriction assists young people from accessing uncensored videos and images, which can lead to
psychological influences.
Works cited
Beskow, David M., Sumeet Kumar, and Kathleen M. Carley. “The evolution of political memes:
Detecting and characterizing internet memes with multi-modal deep
learning.” Information Processing & Management 57.2 (2020): 102170.
Chen, Alan K. “Free speech and the confluence of National Security and internet
Exceptionalism.” Fordham L. Rev. 86 (2017): 379.
Ibarra-Esquer, Jorge E., et al. “Tracking the evolution of the internet of things concept across
different application domains.” Sensors 17.6 (2017): 1379.
Sharma, Nidhi, and Hem Dutt Joshi. Development of Alexa Voice Services Software
Development Kit For Speech Recognition Engine For Internet of Things. Diss. 2018.
Tien, James M. “Internet of things, real-time decision making, and artificial intelligence.” Annals
of Data Science 4.2 (2017): 149-178.

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