De Anza College Self Portrait as a Metaphor Essay: Art & Design Answers 2021

De Anza College Self Portrait as a Metaphor Essay: Art & Design Answers 2021

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De Anza College Self Portrait as a Metaphor Essay

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Goal: To create a visual metaphor of yourself.What is a visual metaphor? A visual metaphor is an image that the viewer is meant to understand as a symbol for something else. Visual metaphors can be obvious, subtle, funny, or scornful, but they form a connection between imageries that artists have used across the centuries to help communicate information without words.Ask yourself: ?Who am I?? Which part of your face or body will serve as a metaphor for you?What to do:Think about yourself and what defines you at this point in your life as an individual? Don?t worry about COVID, look at a bigger picture.
If any part of your face or body could be used as a metaphor for yourself, which one(s) would you be? What will identify you?
What other objects, things, elements, can be identified as part of you? (For a painter probably a brush, but you don?t have to be literal.)
Fill a page or even multiple pages in your sketchbook with an inventory of every possible object and body/face parts you can think of that would be helpful for your composition.
Search Internet for images that you are going to use as your reference points. You can draw from the photographs or from life as well. (If you Google ?metaphorical self portrait ideas? you will see numerous examples, don?t copy them, acknowledge them, and find the best way you can represent yourself. There is no right or wrong way to do it.)
When you are done with the research, choose a face/body part(s) that you think will be the best metaphor for you.
In your sketchbook, begin working on 7-10 thumbnail sketches for a self-portrait that shows all the elements that you found. Work on the composition and meaning of your work. It should tell something significant about yourself through the depiction and placement of all the elements.
Make a full scale drawing using very light pencil (mapping of your work), place all the elements on the page and take a picture of the work.
Continue working on your drawing, define every shape by using shading and lines.
When you are done with the drawing, take a second photograph.If you are not sure what to do or how to start, spend time online, look for inspiration or ideas. Drawing Requirements:Work on a mixed-media paper and fill minimum 80% of the page with your drawing, if you want you can use the whole picture plane.Keep 1/2-inch border all the way around (you can draw it with a pencil or use masking tape)Medium: your choice ? graphite or charcoal pencils, ink pen or combination of some or all of them.You need to use at least one body/face part and minimum 3 other elements.Use principle of composition to create your drawing. Make it dynamic.Half of your drawing must use any type of shading techniques covered in a previous Module.Use various contour lines including hard and soft outlines.Have fun with it! It?s all about creativity. Expect to spend 10-12h on this project.Submission Requirements:Take pictures of all your research sketches with corresponding reference images.Images of the pages with thumbnails.Minimum 2 images of the work in progress. (First one when you are done with the compositional placement of the elements and the second one ? half-way thorough.)An image of finished work.Write an artist statement (150-200 words) of who you are. It can be a literal description of your work, symbolic or conceptual.

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