SMC Drawing a Banana in A Traditional Way Blind Contour Drawings: Art & Design Answers 2022

SMC Drawing a Banana in A Traditional Way Blind Contour Drawings: Art & Design Answers 2022

SMC Drawing a Banana in A Traditional Way Blind Contour Drawings: Art & Design Answers 2022

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SMC Drawing a Banana in A Traditional Way Blind Contour Drawings

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* Graphite Pencils
Standard range of drawing and sketching pencils
Even though wood pencil fills are generally called ‘lead’ they are actually
made of a mix of graphite and clay. Pencils that make darker lines (eg: B
range) have more graphite, while harder pencils (eg: H range) have more
(Please don’t get confused with carbon pencils, charcoal pencils, water
soluble graphite pencils or the vast choice of colored pencils available.)
9B 8B 7B 6B 5B 4B 3B 2B HB H 2H 3H 4H 5H 6H 7H 8H 9H F
The letter ‘H’ stands for Hard, the letter ‘B’ stands for Black, and the
letter ‘F’ stands for Fine.
H pencils have a hard lead (more clay, less graphite) and
remain sharp for a long time. They don’t leave much graphite
on the page resulting in a very light or pale drawing. Because
they are hard they tend to dig into the paper surface making
them difficult to rub out, as even if the graphite is removed with
an eraser the groove they made remains behind leaving ugly
indentations over your page. These are not usually the best
pencils for drawing and sketching.
B pencils are softer (more graphite, less clay) and tend to get
blunt very quickly. This is because they are leaving behind a lot
more graphite on the page, which results in a darker drawing or
sketch. You don’t need to press very hard to leave a mark
which means they don’t dig into the page leaving those ugly
indentations made by H pencils. Rubbing out with an eraser is
far easier as the graphite tends to sit on top of the paper
surface and is generally easily removed (this is dependable on
the type of paper, but I’ll talk more about this in a later post).
These are generally considered the best pencils for drawing
and sketching.
F pencils have extremely hard lead and are only occasionally
found in pencil sets.
HB pencils sit midway and are a nice average pencil to use.
This is usually your common office or school pencil.
The numbers indicate the hardness or softness of the pencil within
their particular range.
The H pencil range: The 9H pencil is the hardest and H pencil is the
The B pencil range: The 9B pencil is the softest, and the B pencil is
the hardest.
This means that pencil hardness travels from the softest on the left (9B)
through to the hardest on the right (9H and F). The harder a pencil is, the
lighter a mark it makes. The softer a pencil is, the darker a mark it makes.
2.4 Continuous Line Contour
The line in a continuous line drawing is unbroken from the beginning to
the end. Continuous line drawing has a raw simplicity in the process of
drawing, but it’s not easy. It allows you to create a more free-flowing,
faster, impression of any subject than more traditional pencil and paper
Made famous by artists such as Paul Klee, there are clear stylistic
benefits to this method of drawing. The demand of using only one line
allows greater freedom in that an impression of your subject is all that is
expected, rather than a true to life reproduction.
Once you make contact with the paper (you may begin anywhere: top,
bottom, side), you are keeping the line flowing. The completed drawing
gives the effect that it could be unwound or unraveled. Rather than using
multiple lines, you use a single line, however, as in gesture, you draw
through the forms as if they were transparent. The line connects forms,
bridging spaces between objects. Not only are outside edges described,
internal shapes are also drawn. A continuous, overlapping line drawing
has a unified look that comes from the number of enclosed, repeated
shapes that naturally occur in the drawing. The resulting composition is
made up of large and small related shapes.
Continuous Line Drawing – Drawing Exercise
Again, as in gesture, try to fill the entire surface of your paper. This, too,
will insure compositional unity. Let the shapes go off the page on at least
three sides. Vary the weight of the line, pressing harder in those areas
where you perceive a heavier weight or a shadow, or where you see the
form turning into space, or in those areas of abrupt change in line
1. Use an implement that permits a free-flowing line.
2. Use an unbroken line for the entire drawing.
3. Keep your drawing implement constantly in contact with the
4. Draw through the forms as if they were transparent.
5. Describe both outside edges and internal shapes.
6. Fill the entire surface of your paper, encompassing positive and
negative shapes.
7. Let the shapes go off the page on at least three sides.
8. Vary the weight of the line.
9. Use continuous, overlapping lines.
2.3 Blind Contour Drawing
Blind Contour Drawing
This is the type of drawing that does not produce a good drawing (you can
argue about it in a Discussion Forum for this Module): however, it helps to
draw more intuitively, rather than relying on memorized drawing symbols.
Blind contour drawing trains the eye and hand to work as a team, and it
helps students to see all of the details of the object. I have to confess,
when I was a student, I hated this exercise, and only later I understood
how important it was. Don’t make the same mistake I did. You might not
like the finished results, and get very frustrated with it since it’s difficult to
make the drawing look accurate and attractive, but the process is what’s
important. This exercise is very helpful in forcing you to look at your
subject and rely entirely on your visual input to draw.
Blind Contour Line Drawing
Process to Follow:
1. Your pencil, once it touches the paper, does not leave the
paper. You are going to draw one long, continuous line. You
can bear down as heavily or as lightly as you want, but don’t lift
your pencil.
2. From this moment on, you do not look at your paper. It’s
tempting, I know! But what is on the paper is not what’s
important. Your subject is what’s important.
3. DRAW SLOWLY. Take all the time you need or want, but
move very slowly.
4. Do not look at the page.
Take all the time you need, and when you feel you’re done, lower your
pencil and let yourself look.
Odds are, it doesn’t look a lot like the subject. You may be able to pick out
bits of detail where you see where you were drawing the pinkie
finger/mouth/criss-crossing laces. A lot of it may look like scribbles. And
very little of it will be in proportion.
If you got something that looks like any of these? You did great:
Now you may not have drawn something that looks a lot like what you
were viewing. But while you were drawing, by not letting yourself look at
your paper, you really looked at your subject – and probably recorded
details you wouldn’t have normally paid attention to.
Blind Contour Drawing Tutorial
Blind contour drawings can actually produce some really cool looking
images, even if they aren’t accurately proportional, because of the density
of detail they often obtain.
And as an exercise, they train you to spend more time looking at the
subject than just what’s on your paper.
Before you start working on this week’s project, I recommend that you
practice for fun. See how slow you can go; see how much detail you can
(Pick more and less complex objects. Let yourself have some fun with it. It
can be a friend who is really patient and willing to sit for you. It can be
your sneaker or a shoe, a toy, a houseplant. Or your own non-dominant
hand. Choose something reasonably complex.)
Artist to check out.
The world seems upside down! Coronavirus has really hit us hard, from Asia to the United
States. Sports stadium are empty, watching wrestling or even basketball games is boring
nowadays and I have found myself doing lots of paintings and drawing. I have noticed I have
deep love for art generally. Talking of covid-19, I decided to kick off this drawing class with
some drawings on coronavirus.
Drawing on covid-19 was easy because I have been following the pandemic news from the
outbreak to the invention of first vaccine. For the last few weeks I have used acrylic paints in
most of my painting works and indeed I was doing many drawings before the painting. Drawing
using graphite is becoming very easy for me because I do drawings during my free times. I used
graphite to highlight the story from when coronavirus outbreak started to recent times when
vaccine has been in place. I also used colored pencils to bring up different symmetric. Am
looking forward for more drawings throughout the class.
Assignment #1: First Week of Doodling
Due Sunday by 11:59pm
Points 20
Submitting a file upload
File Types pdf
Available until Apr 12 at 11:59am
Purpose of this project is to get started with the weekly doodle drawing
routine, learn how to document your work, create a PDF file with all the
drawings and submit it to Canvas.
Instructions: What to Do
After reading all the pages and watching videos, start working on your
Doodles. Fill in the page, spend as much time as you need, just keep in mind
it’s a daily journal, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. Have fun with all
your entires. When you are done with 5 pages (by Friday), take pictures of all
your pages, add them to one pdf file, arrange them in chronological order
and write a short 150- 200 words paragraph about your experience
Minimum 5 images of your Doodle pages.
Each page needs to have the date on it.
Short paragraph about your experience.
Submission must be one PDF file.
How to Submit
In one .PDF file combine: all images, references if necessary, a selfreflection paragraph. (See guideline “How to Photograph your work”.)
Submit via Canvas, no email submissions.
See the rubric below.
File Upload
Google Doc
Upload a file, or choose a file you’ve already uploaded.
选择⽂件 未选择任何⽂件
 Add Another File
Click here to find a file you’ve already uploaded
Submit Assignment
Assignment (Module 1): Exploring Doodle Journal
Doodle Journal
Students will
experiment with
any medium and
the various tools
introduced to
studies practicing
and discovering
the potential of
proficiency as
10 pts
5 pts
0 pts
No Marks
The Doodle
The Doodle
Journal studies
Journal studies
as assigned.
as assigned.
The studies
The studies
exceptional use
satisfactory use
of materials and
of materials and
techniques as
techniques as
in the 3 pts
introduced in the
No work
or, work
does not
meet the
outlined in
0 pts
No Marks
proficiency as
assigned. It
has all the
images of
great quality.
No work
or, work
does not
meet the
outlined in
The submission
proficiency as
assigned. Some of
the images are
missing or quality
of the photographs
10 pts
5 pts
including the
following: word
count, paragraph
punctuated and
students will write
a post that is well
edited and free of
grammatical errors
pertaining to the
post requirements.
5 pts
3 pts
0 pts
No Marks
The written
addresses the
working with the
Doodle Journal. It
has 150-200
words, welledited,
The written
response is
adequate, but
too short or
doesn’t show
any student
with analyzing
the process of
No work
or, work
does not
meet the
outlined in
5 pts
Total Points: 20

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