Assignment 9 Corporate Law Hostile Memo

Assignment 9 Corporate Law Hostile Memo


Your company represents Sony. Sony is interested in acquiring a theme park chain in the United States so it can emulate the successes of The Walt Disney Company and Universal Pictures in owning theme parks where it can cross-promote films, artists, and related merchandise.

Your managing partner has asked you to research two possible options: Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, which trades as SIX on the New York Stock Exchange, and Sea World Parks and Entertainment, which trades as SEAS on the New York Stock Exchange. Perform research on each company.

Draft a memo to the managing partner in which you:

(1) Make a recommendation as to which target, SIX or SEAS, would be the best target for Sony;

(2) Discuss which option would be better for Sony to pursue ? a merger or an acquisition ? of the company you?ve chosen; and

(3) outline the process that Sony would have to take to acquire a majority position in that company.

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