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Find the Best Cheap Academic Writing Services from the Best Writers in New Zealand.
0% service charges. 0% plagiarism.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Study Help 24/7?

What is Study Help 24/7?

Study Help 24/7 is a platform where students get all the help they need from qualified tutors. The tutors are selected following a rigorous application process and only the best are allowed to help students. This has enabled our platform, Studyhelp247 to be the most sought after academic writing and assistance platform for students and talented tutors.

What Academic Writing Services are Offered on Study? Help 24/7?

There are more than one subject areas where a student can receive help on our platform. From simple discussion post writing help?to complex theses for PHD students, we have it all. Once you post a question at any level, our tutors will spring to action to help you. You choose the best suited one.

Is it Safe Using your Site?

On our platform, we promise students ultimate confidentiality. No one can view students profiles because they are not required to complete it. To ensure that we are compliant, we have adopted the McAfee Certification, ensuring that our site is clear of anything that can lead to data breach. To check our verification certification from McAfee. Follow this link:?

What Makes you the Best?
  1. Our tutors are highly skilled
  2. Plagiarism reports submitted with your work
  3. Responsive support team 24/7.
What if I Receive Faulty Work?

We understand that sometimes our tutors may deliver substandard work. Normally, we ensure that they follow our terms and conditions.? 95% of our tutors do this diligently. If a tutor fails to deliver the work in time or as per the instructions, you can contact the support and quit working with them. We will refund your account for you to select another tutor. All refunds are made to your Studyhelp247 Account. Thus, you can rest assured that we have your back as you use our website.

What are your Guarantees?
  1. Timely delivery or 100% refund.
  2. 100% uniqueness.
  3. 24/7 support team
How do I ask a question and receive help?

Asking questions is very easy. Follow this Link?for a step by step guide.

As a new student, you will be prompted to register before you start posting questions for our expert tutors to help you.