Cisco Systems Inc Business Principles Key Concepts Paper: Business & Finance Answers 2021

Cisco Systems Inc Business Principles Key Concepts Paper: Business & Finance Answers 2021

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Cisco Systems Inc Business Principles Key Concepts Paper

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Business Principles
Summer, 2021
Semester Project ? Part One
Purpose: The objective of this semester project is to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of
key business principles by applying them to an actual business. Specifically, students will select a current
company that started as an entrepreneurial idea and small business and expanding into a well-established
company. Each of the businesses from which to select are publicly traded on the stock market, and conduct
business on a global scale.
Students will write a comprehensive assessment of their company in various phases throughout this project
by applying the business principles key concepts and theories to their business as we move along
throughout the semester.
This Part One assignment is worth 50 points.
1. Carefully select a company from the list provided below. I say ?carefully? because you will use this
business throughout the entire semester assignment.
2. While you are not required to submit your assignment after we cover each chapter, do NOT wait
until the last minute to work on this assignment. It is a significant portion of your final grade. Pulling
it together at the last minute will reflect on the quality of your work and will reflect in your grade.
3. Email your assignment to me by the due date and time.
4. Submit in WORD DOCUMENT ONLY, as an attachment to your email.
5. Do not send a link to your OneDrive or SharePoint drive or any other source.
6. Do NOT submit in any other format other than Word. I will not open it. I will not read it. I will not
grade it.
7. Late assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
1. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE REQUIRED TEMPLATE. I cannot stress this enough.
2. Title your sections and headings following the template. You will be graded on each section and
how well you addressed the requirements.
3. If I cannot determine which section you are writing about, I cannot and will not grade your work on
its merits. Do not make me hunt for information, guess, or assume your intentions.
4. If you are introducing a new subject (or new requirement), then begin a new paragraph.
Write at a COLLEGE LEVEL. That means using critical analysis and thinking, conducting thorough
research, using college-level grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, proper verb tense,
and so on.
Write your assignment in narrative format and narrative voice. This is a paper ? not a list of
questions to answer. Tell the story of your company.
Describe your company in a manner that conveys a thorough understanding of its components,
products, mission, leadership, marketing, and financial situations.
Opinions and views are fine, in fact they are necessary in many instances. However, opinions that
cannot be supported by facts, examples, data, situations, and experiences are NOT relevant to this
assignment. State your position, support it with facts and evidence.
THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. While you can (and should) research components of your
business, I am not interested in what someone else has to say. I want to know what YOU HAVE TO
SAY about your company and how you can apply that information to the knowledge you have
learned thus far in this course.
Do not copy and paste from sources. Do not fill your paper with quotes, references, and such. Use
the information, combined with your knowledge of business principles, to guide you through a
critical thought process of how your company began and has progressed to where it is today.
Application of Business Principles
Apply the key business principles. A significant portion of your grade will be determined based on
the level at which you apply the key business principles, their components, advantages,
disadvantages, relevance, non-relevance, etc.
While this is not a creative writing course, assignments must be written in narrative voice. That is,
do not simply answer a question, or write one or two sentences. Address each requirement by
critically thinking about the questions and applying relevant and correct business principles.
Assume the reader does not know what the question or requirement is. The reader should be able
to gleam all information simply based on your response.
Businesses From Which to Select:
? Cisco Systems, Inc.
Required Template
Do not deviate from this template. Title each section exactly as written in the template. Address each
minimum requirements in clear and concise and relevant manner. If I cannot determine which required
section you are talking about, I cannot and will not guess, assume, or grade your assignment.
Section One ? Overview
Describe (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) the company in terms of name, line of business, location(s), founder,
current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and/or Owner. Assume your reader (me) is not familiar with the
company. Describe in detail as much information as possible to introduce me to the company. REMEMBER
? narrative style. Tell the story. Do not simply answer questions.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Begin by describing the company.
a. Original founder, current CEO, and key leadership staff.
b. Current CEO and key leadership staff.
c. Original and current HQ location.
i. Describe why the founder selected the original location.
ii. Describe why the company moved to its current HQ location.
d. Identify the stock symbol and current stock price.
2. Describe their primary line of business (That is, what do they manufacture, produce, or provide. Be
specific ? do not simply say ?They make shoes.?)
3. Identify the company?s stakeholders. Explain each in terms of their reliance on the success or
failure of the company. HINT: There are many!
4. Explain how the company and its products and services contribute to the overall standard of living
and quality of life for its stakeholders. (Do not identify this for every stakeholder; rather in general
terms explain how the business? existence and providing their goods and services contribute at an
overall level.)
5. Explain the company?s gross annual revenue as of December 31, 2019, and December 31, 2020
(remember ? revenue is NOT profit)
6. Provide your views on the difference in these revenue amounts between 2019 and 2020.
a. This may require additional research. Consider factors influencing the company, from socio,
economic, legal, environmental, ethics, global environments.
b. DO NOT SIMPLY BLAME THE PANDEMIC! That is only ONE (if any) considerable factors for
changes in revenue and sales. DO YOUR RESEARCH.
7. To what extent does the company do business globally?
a. Write an overview to describe the extend of the global operations ? countries in which they
operate, manufacturer, franchise, etc.
Section Two: Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business
Every company began with an idea. Someone had an idea of a new product or service, something that was
either missing from the market, or had a better way of doing something. This person was willing to take
the risks to launch their idea. Many succeed. Most do not. Approximately 90% of all small business will
close within 5 years. The entrepreneur who started the company you selected took the risks and is now
reaping the rewards.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Identify the entrepreneur who started the business. Describe his or her background, original
business idea, how the idea came about, reasons for wanting to form the business.
2. Describe the types of risks this entrepreneur faced during the original business concept and
formation. Again, be very specific ? this will require additional research!
3. Explain how the business was originally financed and with what amount of money.
? Did the entrepreneur borrow the start-up money? If so, from whom?
? Inherit it? From whom?
4. Do you agree or disagree with their initial amount and source of funding?
i. Why or why not?
ii. What suggestion(s) would you give to this entrepreneur?
5. Do you feel the risks were worth the rewards? (Be creative ? do not simply consider the initial
investment and the wealth this entrepreneur has created.)
6. Explain how the company grew from an entrepreneurial idea into the company it is today. BE VERY
SPECIFIC. This will require significant research.
? Consider factors such as technology, economic environment, market necessity,
product/service demand.
? Example: ?While working in a fast-food store during college, Jane Doe had an idea that
XXXXXXX. After graduating from college, she borrowed $500,000 from her parents to
launch her small business in the basement of her parent?s home in Fort Worth, Texas.
Within 5 years, Jane Doe realized the demand for her product was increasing because of
XXXXXX. She took the risk and expanded XYZ Company into (# of countries you listed
above). Today, XYZ Company has XXXX stores around the world, with an annual revenue of
XXXX (figure you listed above).
? This is JUST AN EXAMPLE. Use your imagination.
7. Has this entrepreneur launched new businesses since the original business was formed? NOTE: This
does not include any new franchise operations or new store locations. This means entirely new
business ventures ? either formed from the beginning or purchased/acquired another business.)
? Describe the businesses, their products/services.
? Explain how the new business relates (or does not relate) to the original business in terms
of idea, product, services, market, etc.
? If the entrepreneur has not launched any new businesses (very rare), research and describe
one existing business that you would recommend the entrepreneur consider purchasing, or
a new business idea you would like to present to this entrepreneur.
i. Describe the existing business or new idea (product or service).
ii. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of your recommendation.
Section Three: Chapter 5: Forming a Business
Every company began with an original type of formation ? sole proprietorship, partnership, C or S
corporation, LLC, LLP. Generally, the founding entrepreneur selected the business type based on his or her
reasons for wanting to start their own business. Each type of business formation has its advantages and
disadvantages. In this section, you will explain how the company was originally formed, why the
entrepreneur decided on that direction, how and why the formation changed over the years, and the
advantages and disadvantages of each course of action.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Original Business Formation:
a. Describe the type of business in its original state. For example: is the company now a
corporation, but started as a sole proprietorship? Did the company begin as a general
partnership then expanded into a C Corporation? Explain in detail.
b. Sole proprietorship (Identify the sole proprietor by name)
? Unlimited liability
? Limited liability
b. Partnership (Select the partnership type, list the partners by name)
? General partnership
? Limited partnership (LLP)
? Master Limited Partnership (MLP)
b. Corporation
? C or S
c. Explain (in detail, with facts, evidence, and examples) the advantages and
disadvantages the entrepreneur considered when deciding on this type of business
2. Current Business Formation:
a. Describe the type of business in its current state. For example: is the company now a
corporation, but started as a sole proprietorship? Did the company begin as a general
partnership then expanded into a C Corporation? Explain in detail.
b. Sole proprietorship (Identify the sole proprietor by name)
? Unlimited liability
? Limited liability
c. Partnership (Select the partnership type, list the partners by name)
? General partnership
? Limited partnership (LLP)
? Master Limited Partnership (MLP)
c. Corporation
? C or S
c. Explain (in detail, with facts, evidence, and examples) the advantages and
disadvantages the entrepreneur considered when deciding to expand his or her
business into its current type of business formation.
3. Knowing what you now know about this company and concepts of business principles,
a. Do you agree or disagree with the original ?type of business? formation?
i. Why or why not?
ii. What suggestion(s) would you give to this entrepreneur?
Section Four: Chapter 3: Global Markets
Forces to global trade are significant challenges to companies currently or considering trade in foreign
countries. However, trade protectionism is often a much greater barrier to global trade. In this section,
students will consider the company?s extent of global expansion and forces that influence their global
strategies and impact their global operations.
Sources you may consider in addition to your own research. NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT a reliable research
source and may not be used.
Statista ? The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies
GDP Ranked by Country 2021 (
Minimum Requirements
1. Select the primary country (other than the U.S.) in which your company currently does business.
(i.e., production, manufacturing, call center, headquarters, suppliers/vendors, majority of franchise
a. Is this country a capitalist, communist or socialist economy?
b. Select ONLY a capitalist economy country if your company does not do business in socialist or
communist countries (This is VERY RARE.) If your business falls into this category, explain in
detail. The purpose of this requirement is to provide students with a realistic picture of the
differences in doing business in these economic systems.
c. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of THIS SPECIFIC COMPANY doing business in that
d. HINT: Recall the 4 primary laws that protect and encourage entrepreneurship under capitalism.
Socialist and communist countries do not have these legal rights and protections.
2. Considering the economic status?
a. Describe and explain each of these ?environmental forces? (as described in Chapter 3) that
your company is facing by doing business in the country you selected.
? Sociocultural Forces
? Economic Forces
? Financial Forces
? Legal and Regulatory Forces
? Physical and Environmental Forces
b. Identify the following factors of the country for the past five years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,
2020) and explain the impact of each on your company?s ability to success in that economic
? Unemployment rate
? Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
? Current US/currency exchange rate
3. Identify and explain the current ?business cycle? this country is currently experiencing (as described
and defined in this chapter). Explain in detail, support your explanation with facts, evidence, and
a. Economic boom
b. Recession
c. Depression
d. Recovery
4. Consider the ?trade protectionism? advantages and disadvantages that your company is currently
experiencing by doing business in that country.
a. Describe and explain these types of trade protectionism factors your company is facing.
b. NOTE: These will be actual factors ? you will research tariffs, quotas, embargos relating directly
to your company and its products and/or services.
? Protective tariffs
? Revenue tariffs
? Import quotas.
? Export quotas
b. Explain how each benefit or hinders trade with that country.
Section Five: Chapter 4: Demanding Ethical and Socially Responsible Behavior
It?s not just enough to produce a quality produce at a reasonable price. In today?s environment, businesses
are facing considerable demands to run their operations in an ethical manner, while contributing to their
communities and globally. While there are dozens of laws and regulations that mandate some ethical
behavior, the law is not enough.
Many companies have dedicated departments with specific responsibility to establish and manage effective
ethical and socially responsibly standards why which the company and its employees will abide.
Minimum Requirements
1. Identify your company?s Compliance Officer (or similar title).
2. Describe his or her roles and responsibilities as the Compliance Officer (or similar title).
3. Research and provide a URL link to the company?s ?Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility?
4. Describe the Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility policies IN YOUR OWN WORDS. That is ? if
the reader knew nothing about this company, explain to the reader what this company stands
for, their values, expected behavior, and commitment to employees, customers, and
5. Explain whether the company follows compliance-based ethics codes or integrity-based ethics
codes, as defined in this chapter.
6. Research and provide a URL link to two current events (within the past 6-7 months) of when
the company faced an ethical and/or socially irresponsible situation. NOTE: It cannot be a press
release or article from the company?s web page. It must be an actual news article.
? Describe the situation in detail.
? Describe the situation, issue.
? Identify all the stakeholders (follow the definition of stakeholders)
? When, where why, and how did the situation occur?
? Explain the impact to the company:
? Its reputation, employees, community -all stakeholders, and
? Explain how the company resolved the situation.
Section Six: Chapter 7: Management and Leadership
Today?s managers and leaders must practice the art of getting things done through organizational
resources, which include workers, financial resources, information, and equipment. At one time, managers
were called ?bosses? and their job consisted of telling people what to do.
Today, managers and leaders must be more collaborative. They must place strong emphasis on team, team
building, participation, decision-making.
The management and leadership philosophies of the company are often reflected in the company?s
mission, vision, and value statements. Through these statements, customers and employees should
understand what the company is about, why and for whom it exists, and what its core values and visions
Minimum Requirements:
1. Research and identify the ?top management? in your company. By name, title, and
responsibilities. (Refer to page 178, Figure 7.4)
2. HINT: These titles are often referred to as ?C Suite?. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief
Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operations Officer (COO).
3. Based on what you?ve discovered thus far about the original entrepreneur who started the
company, and how he or she has built the company into what it is today, identify his or her
predominant leadership style. Explain in detail (facts, evidence, examples) why you selected
that style.
i. Autocratic
ii. Participative (Democratic)
iii. Free-Rein
4. Do the same for the current owner/Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
? Autocratic
? Participative (Democratic)
? Free-Rein
5. Research and copy/paste (you can copy from the company web site) the following company
? Mission Statement
? Vision Statement
? Values Statement
a. In your own words, explain what each statement means.
? Are they ?effective? statements based on the descriptions and criteria discussed in
Chapter 7? Why or why not?
? In other words ? do they meet the criteria as described in the textbook?
? From the mission statement, can you determine the line of business the company is in?
Why or why not?
? Does the Vision Statement describe their ?vision?? That is, where the company is going
in the future? Why or why not?
b. What suggestions would you make to the CEO/Owner to make these statements more
c. Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the company?s current situation.

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