HRMT 02 Central Texas College Human Resource Management Practice Discussion Responses: Business & Finance Answers 2021

HRMT 02 Central Texas College Human Resource Management Practice Discussion Responses: Business & Finance Answers 2021

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HRMT 02 Central Texas College Human Resource Management Practice Discussion Responses

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Instructions: The goal of the discussions is to have a robust, informative, and reflective interaction about
course topics. Learning is directly related to effort put forth toward discussion engagement and participation.
250 words each post.In order to encourage active and quality participation that adds value and increases
keep all reference if any under each discussion number. Reply to all discussion .
learning, the grade you earn will be higher as your participation and quality of content increases.
HRMT02 Reply 1:
Based on the definition of sexual harassment in this week?s lesson, I do not believe that the transgender bathroom issues
present an outright concern of sexual harassment for employers, but it could be considered a hostile work environment, which
is considered a type of sexual harassment according to this week?s lesson and the definition of sexual harassment. Hostile
work environment harassment involves any verbal or physical gestures which cause a reasonable person to feel uncomfortable
or unsafe. Such harassment does not need to involve any requests or demands, but any verbal statement or physical action
from someone in a workplace that causes another person distress may be grounds for hostile work environment harassment. I
think legally considering this issue as a form of sexual harassment is a bit of a stretch, however, it could be considered a form
of discrimination. If employers are prohibited from employment discrimination based on gender identity or transgender status,
then I would think, legally, they should follow the same guidelines with the bathroom issue.
Through further research on the topic, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has argued that it is
essential for employees to be able to work in a manner consistent with how they live the rest of their daily lives, based on their
gender identity (Rein, 2015). OSHA?s recommendation of allowing transgender individuals to use the facilities for that which
they feel most comfortable with and that they identify with has not been ruled upon by the U.S. Supreme Court, however, it is
believed that this manner of operating is a best practice for businesses to adhere to until official laws are enacted. I would
agree that OSHA?s recommendation appears to be the safest guidelines for businesses to operate under, as it closely aligns
with current employment laws, which require employers to allow their transgender employees the right to identify with their
gender of choice. Currently, I feel as though this is the safest route for employers to take until the U.S. Supreme Court makes
a final decision.
Rein, L. (2015). Transgender people should use bathroom of gender they identify as, U.S. urges. Federal Insider: The
Washington Post. Retrieved from
In recent years the issue of transgendered people has been brought to the forefront of employment and customer
service issues. One example of this was North Carolina?s bathroom law which requires people to use the bathroom
associated with their sex at birth. The law has sparked debate on both sides of the issue. While people have their
own personal beliefs about who should and shouldn?t use which bathrooms, the issue is even more complicated for
While traditionally, establishments have had male and female bathrooms, this in itself may be grounds for disparate
impact against certain employees. Think about employees who are transgender and may not feel comfortable going
to the restroom of their birth sex. On the other side of the coin, allowing transgendered employees to choose
which restroom they use may be protests from other employees. This is a tricky and delicate situation for any
employer to navigate, and it is important that no matter which direc tion they chose, they should be aware of the
potential legal consequences.
Based on the criteria for sexual harassment described in the lesson, I do not believe that assigning bathrooms can
be classified as sexual harassment. It is not quid-pro-quo in any way, and I do not believe it sets up a hostile work
environment. People may not like it, but it is not threatening them. As I previously stated, it may be seen as a
disparate impact against trans employees based on the sex-protected class in Title VII. The legal cannon
surrounding sex and gender is inconsistent, to say the least, especially in issues surrounding transgender and
LGBTQ+ rights. It is also important to note that sex and gender are often used as interchangeable terms when they
are two different things. Sex is someone?s physical appearance, while gender is if they are male, female, or a
variant of the two. I once heard a quote that sex is between the legs and gender is between the ears. As it applies
to this situation, if there is any kind of discrimination, it is gender discrimination, not an issue of sexual
Hrt 03 Repl1 :
Hello class,
Julie?s Medical Leave Scenario
The law does not provide an extension of leave days after the 12 weeks have elapsed. As a result, under the correct
circumstances, Julie cannot take or plead for an FMLA extension of 12 weeks of unpaid absence. The Act only provides for a 12-week time
frame. However, if the organization?s workplace policies allow it, the Human Resource can provide the extension. Julie is only entitled to
12 weeks of unpaid absence under the FMLA Act. Therefore, her request solely depends on the organization?s policy. Julie has worked in
the organization for the last four years, and her records are exemplary. So, the HR director should grant her more leave days as per the
organization?s policy. The policy requires that an employee have at least worked for one year, which Julie has fulfilled.
Further, it requires one to have worked for 1,250 hours during the 12 months. The leave can last up to 12 weeks, but it will still
be unpaid. The leave is available for various reasons, including a significant health condition or sickness that prevents the employee from
performing their job successfully (?Family and Medical Leave Act,? n.d.). Julie is eligible for this because she has been working from
Monday to Thursday throughout the year, which adds up to 1250 hours. As an HR consultant, I need to give Julie some leeway because she
was an excellent supervisor who had worked for this organization for four years. Assuming Julie?s leave time has not yet expired, she is
eligible for unpaid leave under the FMLA. According to her work history, she has been a good employee who has met all of the job?s
Both Julie and the employer should seek a third-party opinion to be fair and responsive to the organization. For instance, instead
of Julie missing work to take care of her sick mother, they should seek help from a health care provider. Here the third will provide a
certification to ascertain Julie?s mother?s illness. With Julie?s mother at the health care facility, she performs her duties without being
worried. Then, she can visit her mother after work or during the weekend.
Family and Medical Leave Act. (n.d.). U.S. Department of Labor.
Repl2 :
The way I see this situation is the HR department has a legal obligation to allow Julie to take FMLA leave. The FMLA
only applies to organizations that have fifty or more employees so they are not legally required to authorize if they
have less employees than that. The policy reads that in order to qualify you only have to work for the organization
for one year and Julie has been there for four years. The scenario does not discuss the amount of hours Julie has
worked but according to my math she would only need to work 25 hours a week to qualify. The YouTube video
located within the lesson discusses this further and apparently the difficu lt situation is to define a serious health
condition. He explain that chronic health conditions such as diabetes qualifies for this program. If the HR staff
denies Julie this leave then she can report them to the United States Department of Labor or sue th e organization.
If the organization wants to be responsive and fair then they need to come to another agreement. She is authorized
12 weeks of unpaid leave per year. According to the Department of Labor website the 12 weeks is defined as work
week. So if I am understanding that correctly and her job has a typical five day work week then she is authorized
sixty days a year. If she takes every Friday off then that is only 52 days per year. It sounds like Julie is a valuable
member of the team so it might be worth asking if she is willing to work additional hours the other four days of the
week. Maybe she is able to telework the fifth day while she is at home helping her mother. If 2020 has taught us
anything, it is how to work from home. I have been faced with many situations over the years when it comes to
folks trying to take care of their families in difficult times and I have found that usually there is a way to come to an
agreement with them so that both parties win. It says in the scenario that everyone i s concerned about Julie and
Her mother?s welfare so I would think they would be willing to consider a multitude of options to make this work.
In this lesson it also discusses compensation in regards to job analysis and job evaluation. The HR staff might ha ve
to consider performing a job analysis for one of Julie?s subordinates so that they can fill into the lead supervisor
position during Julie?s absence. The problem is a new job analysis that adds supervisor responsibilities to an
additional employee could cost the organization additional funding in salaries.
?Can an Employer Deny FMLA Leave?? Alan Lescht, 3 Aug.
FMLA Frequently Asked Questions | U.S. Department of
Labor. Accessed 14 July 2021.
Understanding the FMLA: What You Need to
Know. , Accessed 14 July 2021.
M03 Repl1 :
Good evening class,
The culture of an organization comes about by the combination of different factors. To begin, an organization
needs to have a vision of why it exists. This vision, provided by the leader or leaders of the team serves to give
purpose and direction for team members in their daily decisions. The vision also focuses the values of the
organization and enables employees at all levels to behave and think about what is important to the team. Many
teams provide statements about the importance of employees and customer interactions fo r instance. While most
companies have a vision and values, one important aspect of an organization?s culture is what is actually put into
practice. I have found that the best way for me to find out what a team?s culture is I have to ask and watch the
employees at the front lines of the team. I have seen great mission statements on the wall about family first and
opportunities for upward movement only to find that those doing the work see none of it.
I think mentioning the inclusion of ethical behavior within a company?s values is important. Companies exist to
make money and that means competition on at least a small scale. There have been many companies in recent
years that have valued winning at all costs which ended up costing much more both in terms of m oney and public
opinion. Just like anything else that a leader values and wants the company as a whole to emulate, ethical behavior
or the opposite is something demonstrated not just spoken about.
I think changing a team?s culture is definitely possible and as someone who has come into different teams the
change is important. The time it takes depends on how much change is desired. I have come into teams that have a
great dynamic and I felt like I was fortunate to inherit someone else?s hard work. I have m ore often been in teams
and have had to diagnose the causes of common behavior and thinking I witness daily. One great thing about
working in the Army is the constant change of people. I think this is great because if a team has a poor leader they
just have to outlive them. This is not always easy, but as someone coming in and having to clean house I have been
able to say this and help the team to move past the person who is gone now. After acknowledging the behavior and
source, I spend some time to work on a new vision for the team. I typically bring the Platoon Sergeants in for a
huddle and get their input on what the team does well also and then show them what I see and what I think we can
become. I mention what the team does well and acknowledge that as a starting point and then point to something
else we are close to doing really well and ask for their help in focusing everyone on just one thing for now. With
that much effort and focus the task or skill to improve does not stand a chance for long. I spen d time during the
accomplishment of the first task to tell people the vision I have for them. When the task is complete I point at it
and show everyone how well we worked together and got a difficult thing done. I mention words they have been
hearing this entire time and by now sound common to them and ask if this vision, the values, and what we do
match. The team has to give the final stamp on the process or else it dies on the wall. From here our team decides
the next target and the culture becomes solidified. I have been fortunate to help turn some pretty rough teams
around doing this. It can take many years if the culture has been rotting for years.
Coyle, D. (2019). The Culture Code. Random House Uk.
Hello Classmates,
Welcome to my week 2 forum posting on organizational culture. This is a topic I have covered now in a few classes,
but also a question I find is answered a little differently each time it is reviewed as my knowledge on the subject
I have come to find that the companies themselves play a very important role in creating and reaffirming a strong
organizational culture. The creation, starting, or coming about of organizational culture takes place from the start,
with the company recruiting and selecting applicants who will share the organization?s beliefs and thrive in that
culture they are wanting to establish. This culture is then further created through developing orientations, training
and performance management programs, an outlining and reinforcing the organization?s core values, and ensuring
that appropriate rewards and recognition go to employees who truly embody the values that you as a company
have set forth.
This culture that the organization is establishing and growing essentially is built off of the shared beliefs and
values of the leaders of the company, and then furthermore communicated and reinforced through different means
and methods, ultimately ending as the corner stone that will shape future employees perceptions, behaviors and
understanding of the very workings of your company or organization. This culture sets the context for essentially
everything that organization does.
Industries and situations vary and there is not a one fits all type of company ?culture template? that meets the
needs of all organizations.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to discussing further.
HM05 Repl1: Good morning class,
I do believe the statement ?HR deals with the problem not the root cause of the problem? is true. For example, if a
department within an organization has low morale, it is HR?s responsibility to try and fix that whether it be hosting
company events after work or having parties throughout the day. However, it is not necessarily HR?s responsibility
to determine why there is low morale. This responsibility typically falls on the department heads or senior
leadership. The main difference between someone doing the daily operations of HR and the role of strategic HR is
that daily operations focuses on the current workforce and what they need to do that day in order to complete the
mission of the company, etc. Strategic HR is focused more on the future and how the organization can become
better down the line. Senior leadership is when HR starts to become strategic. These senior -level employees are
focused on what the company can do with the workforce in the future to perform better in the market, reach their
goals, and increase employee satisfaction. The strategic HR partner in a global organization is certainly different
from one in a national organization. The main difference is that the strategic HR partner that operates globally
must be familiar with cultural practices. While both partners are committed to the strategic vision of the company
and how to improve for the future, the global partner must be fluid in all aspects of culture to respond to various
situations and issues that may arise. Dealing with employees from several different cultures and countries can be
difficult to manage and therefore requires greater oversight from the HR department.
Over the last few decades, the role for HR has change considerably from that of an administrative role to one that is
more engaged with guiding the organization and its operations. Today?s HR managers tend to have a more critical role in
strategic management planning and execution (HRMT 605, n.d.). But the question is, do employees know and understand that
their role has changed? Many times, employees are guarded around HR due to the nature of their duties and don?t fully
understand what they bring to the table. For example, when I told my older sister I was pursing my degree in HR she
responded with, ?Why would you want to do that? You love people!?. This perception that HR is the bad guy comes from a
place of misunderstanding on what the position really entails as a lot of times the only involvement employees see HR having
is the hiring and firing of employees. Yes, it deals with hiring and firing. But it also focuses on recruiting, training, and
employing the right people, and developing policies relating to them, strategies to retain them. It was a long conversation to
say the least, but at the end she realized that it?s the strategic balancing act of how the organization can take care their
business all the while taking care of its employees that was my motivation for this career.
The functions of HRM can vary between organization and even position, yet their focus will always remain on two
things: the organization and its employees. The operational side of HR often focuses on the daily tactical tasks that are
essential to maintaining a workforce, such as staff recruitment and individual performance, employee relations, and monitoring
compliance of labor laws (HRMT 605, n.d.). The strategic side of the other hand works to advance the organization long term
by determining future staffing needs, developing performance improvement plans and corporate policies that are needed to
help guide the organization towards its goals and objectives (HRMT 605, n.d.). I think the level at which HR becomes strategic
can and will vary based on the size and mission of the organization. It is more about the level of engagement rather than a
specific place in the hierarchy per say. When HR is engaged with long range planning and development of the organization,
budget constraints, succession planning, and advanced training and development, I would say they are operating at the
strategic level. Take for example a strategic HR partner, they are someone who remains involved with the organization?s strategic
management and ensures policies and procedures align with the current strategy which is a critical step to help guide the t eam towards
company goals and objectives.
Globalization has provided a unique opportunity for HR professionals to expand their practice ?

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