Glendale Community College Calculus Quiz Questions: Calculus Answers 2021

Glendale Community College Calculus Quiz Questions: Calculus Answers 2021

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Glendale Community College Calculus Quiz Questions

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STEP ONE: Write the following statement on your paper, and sign the statement
to indicate that you will honor it, or else I will not grade your exam: “I affirm that
during this test, I will honor Glendale Community College’s policy on academic
honesty by not cheating — in particular, I will not communicate with any person
during the test, other than my teacher Mike Allen.”
STEP TWO: You do not need to copy the questions below on to your papers, but
number each of the ten problems on your paper and SHOW YOUR WORK for
them, then express your answers in complete sentences (your English does not
have to be perfect]. The test is open notes and open book, and numbers in your
answers should be written in decimal form, rounded to 3 significant figures. If I
need further clarification of your work, or need to verify it is yours, I will conduct
a follow-up video interview with you.
1. The relationship between Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) temperature scales is given
by the linear function
C = 5 9 ( F − 32 ) . Graph this function, then identify the
slope and explain what it represents.
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