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Directionsyour assignment is to research (internet or library) ONE area of controversy regarding the use vaccines .
Examples of vaccine controversies include Whether or not the MMR, DTaP, or other vaccines cause conditions such as autism, ADHD, diabetes, etc . Whether or not states should require vaccines for school attendance (It is the state that has the power to mandate vaccination, not the individual school districts or school boards)Should there be parental exemptions for mandated vaccinations? Religious exemptions?Recommendations regarding who should receive the HPV vaccine (e . g . gender, age)The schedule by which vaccines are given to infants and toddlers . Too frequent? Too many?How well the vaccines works to prevent these diseases versus potential side effects of the vaccinesWhether or not politicians should be involving themselves in vaccination policy makingWho best to trust? Doctors, Big Pharma, anti-vaxxers, holistic health advocates, bloggersThere are many other vaccine controversies on the internet—you may choose any controversy that interests youGrading InformationAfter conducting some research, write a 1-paragraph statement regarding your position on your chosen controversy . Briefly explain each side of the controversy, and what led you to your belief . (¼ – ½ single-spaced page will be sufficient—you will be following up with more details in CTA 8b . )”
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