Category BIOL 103 SEU Microbiology for Public Health Methods for Food Preservations Essay

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anthropology biological writing helps10 page anthropology paper, requires searching online and needs to have some
pictures on the paper . To “”Illuminate (investigate,
illustrate/draw/diagram/print, label, and describe)”” aspects of planet
Earth, and some of the planet’s more important rocks, minerals, marine
fossils, and life forms . Use texts, Doc Talks, internet resources
(Wikipedia, etc . ) to carry out each investigation . I will send you more
later .
Your second virtual lab assignment for ANTHR 141L – Biological Anthro
Lab, “”Virtual Lab #2 – Great Transformations””, is a downloadable ten
page Word document in which I try to reproduce the flavor of in-class
lab experiences . For each section of the packet, I ask you to “”Illuminate (investigate, illustrate/ draw/ diagram/ print, label, and describe)””
aspects of various different extant and extinct vertebrates (mostly
tetrapods) . Use course texts, handouts, Doc Talks, assigned videos,
internet resources (Wikipedia, etc . ) and any other credible sources to
investigate each form that you select . You are encouraged to be
creative, artistic, imaginative, and informative as you demonstrate what
you have learned about the subjects specified on each page . Download
the entire assignment from Files and complete each page of the packet as
directed . Alternatively, you can download and print the entire
assignment, complete each section, scan or take photos of each page, and
return the entire assignment as a PDF file . Text can be typed or
handwritten and illustrations can be diagrammed, hand drawn, or copied
and pasted from the internet . All pages of this packet should be
completed, saved as a PDF or Word file (accepted file types doc, docx,
PDF – NO GOOGLE DOCS, PLEASE!), then uploaded/ submitted through this
assignment page by 11 59 pm on Sunday, 11/1/2020 . It is not
necessary to cite references! Cutting and pasting of images is allowed
but all text should be in your own words . Using text copied from any
source (textbooks, handouts, the internet, etc . ) may result in a lowered
or failing grade and/or disciplinary action .
You can copy and paste on the internet if you need but do not copy
too much, you need to add some photos which are connect to the questions
and you need to write full of the pages as you can”
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