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Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to reflect on their learning experience in this course . Professional, ethical and legal issues were presented in multiple learning styles in order to facilitate student learning . While there is not a page limit associated with this assignment, student should remember “writing is a counseling skill . ” Students must write in APA style and format (including level headings) and fully address the following questions . Discuss your initial apprehensions about entering a profession where legal and ethical issues are continuously present . What have you learned that has helped you attend to those apprehensions . (25 points)Address the licensure and certification process you intend to complete in order to become a professional counselor (CMHC/MCFC/SC) . (25 points)Discuss the importance of informed consent including its role and function as an ethical and legal counselor . (25 points) In this course, you reviewed a number of emerging trends in ethics . In addition, you heard from your colleagues about similar trends . In this section, discuss three important ethical concepts and how they are currently being addressed in the field of counseling (e . g . confidentiality, boundary violations and difficulties, diagnosis, duty to warn, competence, etc . ) . (50 points)FINAL OVERALL COURSE REFLECTION In this section, reflect on where you started in this process of learning legal and ethical considerations in counseling . What will you take from this course as you move into additional training in your journey to become a professional counselor? (25 points)”
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