Can you help me understand this Social Science question?
Our decisions do not simply result from what philosophers call free
will . Sociology teaches us that the social world guides our life choices
in much the same way that the physical world influences our choice of
clothing or the type of food we feel like eating . C . Wright Mills
pointed to the power of what he called the sociological imagination
to help us understand everyday events . As he saw it, society, not
people’s personal failings, is the main cause of poverty and other
social problems . For this assignment, explain how a personal problem can be caused by a
larger social issue . It can be a problem that you, a friend or family
member, or someone you have read about has experienced . Describe the
situation, putting both the personal problem and the larger social issue
in boldface, and then explain the relationship in terms of cause and
effect . Limit your response to a single double-spaced page . “
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