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I’m working on a History writing question and need support to help me understand better .
California HIstory Five 80-90 words identification, one 750 words essay . For identification For a full and complete answer, you
must “Identify, Cite, and Explain” (ICE) each ID as it relates to the class . That is, you must (1)
identify the concept/theme/individual (explain who or what it is); (2) *cite where you found the
information (reading, lecture, or film), and (3) explain the significance of that concept,
individual, or event, as it relates to California history . Be sure to include evidence from the
readings, lectures, and/or films . No outside sources . Finally, use complete sentences—no lists—
and check for spelling and grammatical mistakes .
*Sample citations and format Readings (Johnson, 134-35); Videos (Salazar, Oct . 8, 2020) or (6
Generations, 2011) 80-90 words each . 1 . 1850 Act for the Government and Protection of Indians 2 . Biddy Mason 3 . Chinese massacre of 1871
4 . Tomol (plank canoe) 5 . Wong Kim Ark
For essay Choose and answer one of the following two essay prompts . A complete answer will have an essay format, an
argument, specific examples that support your argument, and a conclusion showing you proved
your argument . Be sure to address the question in its entirety and to include evidence from the
readings, lectures, guest speakers, and/or films . No outside sources . Finally, check for spelling
and grammatical mistakes .
1 . The Spanish conquest and colonization of California in the late 1700s and early 1800s had an
immediate as well as prolonged impact on Native Californians . How were the lives of California
Indians transformed, and in what ways did they resist Spanish domination? Describe at least
three different ways Native Californians challenged Spanish attempts to subdue their cultures
and communities . In your response, be sure to give specific examples from the readings, that is,
give names, dates, and other details of events, demonstrating how indigenous peoples contested
Spanish efforts . *Be sure to cite sources . 2 . In the early 1900s, Progressives in California became increasingly alarmed at the social and
moral decay they associated with the growing industrialization, urbanization, and immigration .
As we have read, they were particularly concerned with what they saw as poor housing, illicit
sexuality, and juvenile delinquency . How did Progressives respond to these concerns? In your
response, identify at least three ways they reacted to these pressing social issues . *Be sure to
cite sources .
Essay format Please use double spacing, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins .
No cover pages needed, begin on page one .
Include name and date on upper right-hand corner of first page . 750 words . “
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