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I need help with a Business Law question . All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn .
Minimum word count od 350 words PER TOPIC . Please submit each topic on its own seperate word documents! Topic 1 You would like to get your company’s product into North Korea to sell to its residents . Before you can do that, however, you need the approval of North Korean customs officials . You have learned through the grapevine that North Korean customs officials expect a direct payment from you to them to get approval . This would be an illegal bribe if it were made to a U . S . customs official, but suppose such a transaction is commonplace in North Korea . Do you make the payment?If your boss says to pay the money, should you do it?What potential legal problems are presented by these payments?Topic 2 You and three of your close friends have discussed plans to open a pizza restaurant with a delivery service . You intend to attract to your business young professionals who live and work near the downtown area and who are healthy and fitness-minded . You and your co-owners agree that each will invest equally in terms of time and money . However, in addition to contributions and “”sweat-equity”” made by each of you, another $400,000 is essential for the restaurant to succeed .
1 . What type of organization is best suited for this business activity?2 . What steps would you take to manage the restaurant during times that you and your co-owners are not present?3 . What liabilities do you and your co-owners face?”
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