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Goals and ObjectivesFor two of the needs you identified in your first assignment, develop a set of two goals and objectives, using the example provided in Table 7 . 3 on page 114 of your Designing and Managing Programs textbook . Pg 114The Formulation of ObjectivesIn effectiveness-based program planning, one should be able to make explicit two things about a program (1) the results that are to be achieved and (2) the manner in which these results will be achieved . The specification of results is a statement of the ends or expectations of the program . In the program-planning literature, these ends are referred to as outcome objectives (Brody, 2005; Coley & Scheinberg, 2000; Poertner, 2000) . The specification of service provision is an articulation of the means that will be used to achieve the ends, and these are referred to as process objectives . Finally, under process objectives, we find listings of specific activities that represent a further breakdown or refinement of the details of program implementation . This approach further supports the logic model as presented in Chapter 1 and as illustrated in Figure 7 . 3 . Outcome objectives identify and define expected program outcomes . Process objectives and activities work together to define the process of service provision to the client . Outputs become measures of processes and activities invested in the program . Figure 7 . 3 Logic Model as Applied to Process and Outcome ObjectivesThroughout the literature, a variety of terms are used by planners to distinguish these three different levels, including strategies, milestones, operational objectives, and program objectives . In the following discussion, we will use the program-planning terms outcome objectives, process objectives, and activities . The hierarchy is similar to that depicted i”
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