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Conduct a Walden Library or an Internet search for glossaries on evaluation . You may also use those sources linked in the resource in this week’s Learning Resources . As you locate vocabularies, taxonomies, and glossaries, take note of how they have changed or remained the same over the decades . Also, consider their breadth or depth, as well as specific instances of how terms are treated similarly or differently across them . Select at least 15 resources to use for this Assignment . You will need to create an annotated bibliography of these sources . See the Walden Writing Center resource in this week’s Learning Resources for guidance on formatting . Complete the following Create a chronological citation list of the resources you located . Use APA formatting and provide a hyperlink to each one . Annotate the list with your observations about how the glossaries are similar or different (around 150 words for each citation) . Explain any trends that appeared during your research . “
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