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STC 431Problem, Solution, and Barriers Paper3-4 pages, 40 pointsOverviewThis paper requires you to use your research skills and must include at least 5 credible sources . You will 1) explore the societal problem that you are doing your final speech about, 2) advocate for your recommended solution (volunteer at or donate to a particular organization), and 3) discuss barriers your audience may have to accepting the solution . This paper will serve as a blueprint for your final speech . In approximately 3-4 double-spaced typed pages (not including the title page or the reference page) using APA format, you should 1 . Provide a succinct but thorough analysis of the problem, solution, and barriers . Cite at least 5 high quality sources to support the arguments you make in the following sections . You may use some or all of the sources from your Annotated Bibliography . a . What is the problem that you (and your organization) are trying to address? Include information about the existence, magnitude, urgency, and relevance of the problem . How many people does it affect? Whom does it affect? How does it affect them?b . What is your recommended solution? Clearly identify your solution in 1-2 sentences . Be very specific about how you want your audience to volunteer and/or donate . Examples “I want my audience to volunteer to help coordinate the annual fundraisingauction at ABC Agency . ”“I want my audience to donate at least 2 items to the ABC Agency’s winterclothing drive . ”After stating your solution, explain how/why this will solution effectively address the problem . Remember, this is the main goal of your persuasive speech, so make sure you are very clear and concise about what you want your audience to do . Clearly identify how you want your audience to volunteer . Your message should focus on your nonprofit organization and address both the response-efficacy and self-efficacy of your proposed solution . c . What are the barriers that may prevent the target audience from enacting your recommended solution? In other words, why has your problem not already been solved? Why don’t more people volunteer for your organization? How can you overcome these barriers?Submission GuidelinesSubmit your paper on Canvas . Paper should include a title page at the beginning and a page of references at the end . Document should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins . “
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