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the course, you will engage in Discussions with classmates to share
reflections on the concepts of each unit . The Discussions will also give
you the opportunity to learn from the interpretations and perspectives
of your classmates . This course itself will be a study in different
social, political, and cultural influences, as the class is made up of
individuals with varying views of the world . The Discussions will give
you an opportunity to express your point of view . Be sure to write
carefully and respond to classmates respectfully . To make the most out of your learning experience and earn a good
Discussion grade, you must answer the Discussion question and then
respond substantially to at least two classmates’ postings for each unit
Discussion . You should write at least 200 words in the original post;
then you should post with content and detail on the posts to your peers .
Aim for at least four sentences in each post to your peers, building
the Discussion with references to the Reading, application in your life,
or other information to help share your perspective . With the original
reply and two posts to your peers, this means you will post three times
to each Discussion Board . You will want to use APA format with in-text
and full end reference for citation of sources, which can help to give
credit to the research you used and also to distinguish between your
ideas and the sources . Topic 1 Culture and CommunicationImagine that you are visiting a country or culture where you are not
easily understood . Your expectations about time, personal space, the
roles of men and women, and communication styles seem foreign to the
people you encounter . You are hungry and need to get something to eat .
Where will you choose to go? How will you interact with the people to
get what you need? Describe what this experience would be like . Give one
example of how a miscommunication could occur . What are some ways you might seek to be understood? How can this thought experiment help you in your daily life?
Hannah Serra posted Nov 4, 2020 3 29 PMThis page automatically marks posts as read as you scroll . Adjust automatic marking as read setting In
this discussion, I will be taking a trip to South Korea! I get there
and find myself feeling lost, misunderstood, and now hungry . The most
prominent language spoken is Korean which is very similar to Japanese .
Although Koreans share one language, the key difference is dialect .
Based on this, I would download a translator app so I could get around
and interact with people . I make a friend and we plan to meet up for
dinner later that night . For dinner, I know a little bit of what to
expect because “Korean cuisine is based on rice, vegetables and meat”
(Resources, 2020) . One example of how a miscommunication could occur is
by being late . South Koreans put a lot of value in punctuality . The last
thing I would want to do is come off as disrespectful by arriving late
to dinner with my new friend . When
it comes to different cultures, their norms and customs will be much
easier to understand if you take the time . Trying new food, asking
questions, and keeping an open mind are ways to do this . I can take this
and apply it in my own professional life . I work in the medical field
and I encounter many patients with different backgrounds . It will
certainly help to keep an open mind and be understanding of new things . References Resources . (n . d . ) . Retrieved November 04, 2020, from https //www . commisceo-global . com/resources/country-guides/south-korea-guideShrm . (2019, August 16) . 10 Ways to Learn More about Other Cultures . Retrieved November 04, 2020, from https //www . shrm . org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/behavioral-competencies/global-and-cultural-effectiveness/pages/learn-more-about-other-cultures . aspx

Heather Burlew posted Nov 5, 2020 6 26 PMThis page automatically marks posts as read as you scroll . Adjust automatic marking as read settingI
decided to write about taking a trip to China . The first issue I would
have trying to find something to eat in China would be not understanding
the language . In China the prominent language is Mandarin . To be
understood I could try to use sign language . If sign language does not
work I would use the translator app on my phone (we are pretty lucky
that we have the technology we do these days) . Even with the translator
app I know I would have issues pronouncing certain words correctly . The
Chinese culture basically eats all animals, rice, and noodles . Meals
are also essential to their everyday life . The Chinese believe eating
together can bring harmony and closeness to a family and relationship
(Lin, 2000) . Chinese people also do not eat much deep-fried cooking and
rely heavily on fresh food (Lin, 2000) . A miscommunication I could
easily have in China would be to walk into a restaurant and order
something deep-fried that I would from a Chinese restaurant in the US
like crab rangoon or almond fried chicken . I would order it assuming
because it is served at Chinese restaurants in America it is eaten in
China which it is not . Learning
ways to communicate and about the miscommunications I could potentially
have with other cultures can help me personally and professionally . I
plan on being a therapist and it will be beneficial to know different
aspects and cultural beliefs of every culture when working as a human
services professional . It is also helpful to know personally when
building relationships with new people . References Kathy Lin . (November 1, 2000) . EthnoMed . Chinese food culture profile . https //ethnomed . org/resource/chinese-food-cultural-profile/ . “
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