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Can you clearly understand what makes these buildings to be favorites or least favorites? Add a comment to explain that . (100-150 words)How does your own post relate to the one you were assigned to read? Compare and contrast what is similar or different in the buildings your wrote about and the post you are reviewing is about . (100-150 words)This is my article and want to do a comment to the one on the one that is under lineI have always been the kind to be impressed by something offering more than what meets the eye . I specifically love buildings that hold particular historical significance . For that reason, the Empire State Building ranks first in my favorite buildings . Officially opened in 1931, the building is revered to date, as it is a display of all that New York City is known for . It was once a wonder of the world, in an era where sky crappers were still a sight to behold . It appeals to me that launched during the period of the great depression, as president Hebert Hoover symbolically lit up the building, it flickered hope in Americans’ hearts . However, the most significant reason is that it was a masterpiece of its time . It was the incorporation of science and technology . Visiting it today, I like viewing it from the perspective of the standard American who had never thought it possible to live above the ground . From the perspective of the engineer who finally lived to serve a greater course, I see it with his belief that steel would reduce the weight of the bulk . The technical aspect of it appeals to me most, as it is proof to me of what humans can achieve by maximizing the materials within their disposal . To me, the Empire State Building is a reminder that we are destined for greatness, tearing down the standards others have put before us . The observation decks also offer an excellent evening site for New York, giving any curious eye a 360-degree view of the city . The Empire State Building is overrated, in my opinion, despite all its glory and the curse bestowed on it of being a national landmark . It has been regarded by many to be the ideal destination for any individual who wants to see the glory and beauty of New York City at night . However, despite being the tallest in that department, its height dwarfing other skyscrapers around it does not offer the best view . When one is looking for the perfect extensive paranormal view, the One World Trade Center offers just that, giving a clear picture of the Empire State Building as well . Also, it is visually appealing, and its architecture is plausible . Its location is also strategically placed, with the whole of Manhattan at one’s legs, literally . However, I perceive the Empire State Building to be overrated and last in my list of favorite buildings .
Favorite Building My Favorite building is “Özdilek Center, River Plaza” located in Istanbul, Turkey . It has a very high technical architecture that was added to the building to make it look very professional structure . The reason this building is my favorite is because when you enter the center, you feel that you don’t want to leave it anymore . It gives a person comfort and happiness by just walking around it . The Özdilek Plaza is consisted of 38 floors and it was built in 2012 . To mention from the interior environment we have discussed in class, it contains of ventilation, Acoustic comfort, light, visual, and Ergonomic . The building contains of many windows that are able to open to let fresh air and ventilation . It has sufficient amount of glass windows that natural light can enter the building . Also, it has an amazing view from inside of the building to the outside . Its main usage is for commercial office and side usage is for hotels . The hotel is named “Wyndham” which is on the upper floors . Least Favorite Building My least favorite building is “Centre Pompidou” located in Paris, France . It was built in 1977 and consists of 7 levels . Even though, it contains very high technical structure that has made it so special for many visitors . But for some reason, I still don’t like the idea of having so many details from the exterior of the building . The exterior structure is all color-coded . For instance, “green pipes are plumbing, blue ducts are for climate control, electrical wires are encased in yellow, and circulation elements and devices for safety (e . g . , fire extinguishers) are red” (Patrick) . Now focusing on the interior, the center has multiple usages; for instance, it has a museum of modern art, public library, a music center and a cafeteria . The interior environment consists of Light, Productive, Visual, Ergonomic, and Accessible . Even though the interior has very high technical and structural systems, the exterior makes you feel there is very crowded details that if covered would have made the building to make sense more . “
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