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Help me study for my History class . I’m stuck and don’t understand .
write the definition of each term and write why it is important to the African history, also and add what it was and what it is now .
The terms
Jan van Riebeeck, Hottentot Proclamation, Nongqawuse, Slave Codes, Middle Passage,Mamluks, Khoisan, Almoravids, Olaudah Equiano, Elmina Castle, Dingane, King NzingaMbemba, Soninke, Henry Fynn, Francis Farewell, Nathanial Isaacs, Sand RiverConvention, Bloemfontein Convention, Sao Tome, Bambuk, Triangular Trade, SlaveCoast, Sonni Ali, Fedinand de Lesseps, Kumbi Saleh, Askiya Muhammad, Kilwa, Tuaregs,Boers, Mfecane, Caledon Code, Ottoman Empire, Timbuktu, Theophilus Shepstone,Khoikhoi, Bure, Tuareg, Malinke”
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