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Explain how the overall experience has affected or transformed you . You have to show a degree of competency on the issues that our site of choice is addressing, and how they relate to their current reality . Do you see how the program is sustainable? Do you have any ideas on how your site can improve in realistic ways? Can you say that your opinions are coming from a resolution-policy perspective or from a transformative- grassroots level? There’s not a right or wrong way to address this, just be conscious of what can be realistically done, and of the community’s needs, and assets . Lastly, address any personal changes in perspective or feelings around your service that may have occurred during this time . info to help you https //www . universidadpopular . us/ this is the location i volunteered in , i am from Kuwait , I came here to America alone , found hard time to adjust and was alone but eventually i chnaged so I can fit in the US . I worked with teens in universad popular . tried to encourage them to survive outside their community and told them they can do it if they were focused , they could work more on themselves if they had a goal and tried to achieve it ,if you need any more info ask me please”
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