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Help me study for my History class . I’m stuck and don’t understand .
Hi, it’s me again . My professor just gave a feedback for your outline . Can you revise it for me and write the essay based on the revised outline? Here are his feedback 1) your proposed thesis is a start but it speaks in generalities about what is to be surveyed . More focus is needed . Tell the reader exactly what you are going to focus on and the path of the investigation you will take . You do mention that there are emblems of ‘authority’ displayed on the statue so lets go with that . To do this you will need to dig into the iconography and find what motifs exhibit what types of authority . Try this A close examination of the statue’s iconography, especially that displayed on ???? and several key gestures of ???? are recognized as emblems of political, military and spiritual authority, that recognize the emperor as supreme above all others . Every piece of this statue’s iconography displays a distinct message to the viewer . Your job is to find what those messages are and interpret them through the art .
2) on your descriptive points, formally describe features but do not interpret meaning . So mention of what things mean or can be compared to . For example do not mention Doryphoros, signum, paludamentum, royal robe, etc . Describe in detail and save the interpretations for later . ALSO DO NOT PLAGIARIZE and use someone else’s descriptions or you will receive a ZERO Mark for the essay . Use your own words, and if not you must reference where you got the description from . It is VERY obvious you are lifting technical vocabulary from a published source on the internet because of the square spacer boxes that have been captured between words . Rewrite in your own words . If you don’t know how to find a like in kind word–go to thesaurus and find one;https //www . thesaurus . com/browse/authority?s=t
3) Since your thesis was too general, your interpretive points lack focus and are all over the map–make sure each point relates back to the thesis focus (emblems of authority) and DO NOT LIFT DESCRIPTIONS of other people’s conclusions–make it your own by putting it in your own words . “
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