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Observing the Reindeer or Mammoth
4-6 sentencesTime to practice making specific observations of an object! Use the notes you made while reading the last sections . Because we are just getting used to working together, these instructions are long, but you do need to read them . All of themI’ve replied to this post several times more, each time with a different photograph of the Swimming Reindeer or the Mammoth . What I want you to do is pick one photograph in which you can clearly see what MacGregor was pointing out about one of the sculptures . Reply to that posting, quoting MacGregor (or one of his guests), and explain where you see what he’s pointing out . Imagine that someone said to you, “”I don’t get it . Where does he think that is visible?”” Explain to that imaginary person just where you see it . You’ll need to be specific . “”The way it’s carved”” is not specific . “”Sharp cuts on the head”” is specific . That’s it! I’m asking for one observation, of one photograph (or, replying to a classmate who has posted in the extra credit section as the very bottom, an observation clarifying what Harris and Zucker were pointing out . )The challenges are these You have to use your words . Make sure someone reading what you write can tell exactly what you are referring to . Don’t repeat what someone else has pointed out . That means you need to read what’s been posted before you . You might be able to add to what another student wrote, but don’t make the same observation . Stick to what I’m asking you to do–comparing what MacGregor and his guests say to what you see . I’m not asking for a report on Paleolithic art, or anything else you might find on the web . This comes from you . Be careful to respond to the appropriate post below–not to this one . This introductory post is just for my instructions . LINK TO THE PODCAST THAT NEEDS TO BE USED https //www . bbc . co . uk/programmes/articles/2FkcCqxz . . .
replying to the picture uploaded
Fig . 1 . Swimming Reindeer, right side, from slightly above”
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