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1 . ) Please choose two works–at least one from this module or similar to one in the module; the other may be any artwork style/era/culture that we have studied so far in this class (really! you can go back to the Classical or before) . The works you chooseshould have some commonalities (e . g media, style, subject matter, cultural meaning or function) . 2 . ) Discuss briefly how these works compare and contrast, looking at the similarities (see commonalities above) and differences (different era, style, culture, media, topic) . Consider stylistic characteristics (naturalistic? abstract? media?) culture, function, iconography (patronage if applicable) . . . Requirements Three paragraphs are fine for this short study . Please include images . Remember to identify your works . Cite your sources as always . Use in-text citations where appropriate . Submit your work to Turnitin . com . The submission is required and contributes to your grade . The most important part of this study is the analysis in your comparison . You’ll be graded on your success in this analysis; understanding or grasp of your subject matter as evidenced in your analysis; accurateness and research; completeness (considered a brief study); originality; and, as always, your writing 5%, citations 5%, and interaction with others 15%; (and timeliness — marked down 1/2 grade in last half day of discussion) . The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about how to compare artworks, as that’s what we’ll do for the final paper in this class . Here are a couple of examples of good choices (please don’t everyone write on these choices!)
ONLY WRITE ONE COMPARISONThe Lindau Gospel book cover and Gero Crucifix . The mosaic Justinian and his Attendants to the folio of Otto III Enthroned . Charlemagne’s Palatine Chapel in Aachen and the Dome of the Rock . Be creative Choose any works either in the module or closely related to works in the module–and/or you can also venture back to consider any works from earlier cultures studied in the course, or related . PLEASE BE ORIGINAL and please try not to repeat earlier studies . “
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