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Answer to another classmate’s posting discussing your thoughts in a respectful and thoughtful manner . What stood out to you about their discussion? Can you empathize?post a response to another classmate’s posting discussing your thoughts in a respectful and thoughtful manner . What stood out to you about their discussion? Can you empathize?When responding to a classmate to a classmate, your response needs to be pertinent and of substance . Stating that you agree or disagree is not sufficient . You must substantiate your responses . Above all, they must be respectful and worthy of intellectual honesty, sincerity, and humility . Responses must be a minimum of 250 words . Opinion #1Race and Ethnicity are often seen as the same thing even though they are not . Race consists of skin color and or hair texture, while ethnicity is based on a groups beliefs, the language spoken, etc . The topic of race and ethnicity is very challenging to discuss with others as well as the concept of politics or religion . When my family and I have used the terms racism, sterotypes, prejudice, and discrimination we are referring to what most minorites recieve . Hispanics, African- Americans, Asians, Arabs, etc . recieve a lot of hate only because of their skin color and or culture group . I, myself, have talked about how my ethnic group always recieves the sterotype that we are too loud . This obviously does not apply to everyone that is Cuban and should honestly not be said . Unfortunately, this will continue to occur for people of all races and ethnicities, until people begin to understand things sociologically . Sociological Understanding uses the terms racism, prejudice, discrimination, and ethnicity in a completely different manner . Sociologists want to learn about all races and ethnicities and begin to comprehend who they are and what makes that group the way they are . People should begin to use these terms in a postive manner instead of hating on others for being different . These terms have honestly played a negative role in my life due to the fact, that people might see me differently when I go on vacation and I’m speaking Spanish with my family . People often will look at others weirdly when they cannot understand them or they don’t look the same physically . I don’t let anything affect me, however, since I have to live my life as I please to . From my perspective, if someone were to tell me I don’t look hispanic, I would ask them “” How do you expect me to look?”” . How hispanics look is all sterotyped just as, if you speak spanish then your Mexican . Overall, everyone should be treated equally no matter what race and or ethnic group they belong to . Opinion #2Prior to the twentieth century, racial intermarriage was extremely rare, and in many places, illegal . In the later part of the twentieth century and in the twenty-first century, attitudes have changed for the better . While the sexual subordination of slaves did result in children of mixed race, these children were usually considered black, and therefore, property . There was no concept of multiple racial identities with the possible exception of the Hatians . Haitian society developed in the port city of New Orleans, where a mixed-race culture grew from French and African inhabitants . Unlike in other parts of the country, “Creoles of color” had greater social, economic, and educational opportunities than most African Americans . Regardless of skin color, Hispanic experiences with discrimination can differ from those of other groups . Even so, comparable shares of Hispanics with darker skin tones and black Americans say they have been subject to slurs or jokes . By contrast, Hispanics with a lighter skin tone have had experiences with discrimination that are similar to those of non-Hispanic whites . Even in one’s own family, everyone wants to be seen for who they are, not as “just another typical X . ” But still, people put other people into groups, using that label to inform their evaluation of the person as a whole . A process that can result in serious consequences . This module focuses on biases against social groups, which social psychologists sort into emotional prejudices, mental stereotypes, and behavioral discrimination . You are an individual, full of beliefs, identities, and more that help make you unique . You don’t want to be labeled just by your gender or race or religion . But as complex as we perceive ourselves to be, we often define others merely by their most distinct social group . “
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