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I’m trying to learn for my Philosophy class and I’m stuck . Can you help?
By this time in the novel, it has been revealed that Sophie’s World is a work of fiction within a work of fiction . I want you to re-look at chapter 23 (Bjerkely), and specifically focus on the quote within that chapter by N . F . S Grundtvig TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT IS TO MANLIKE SUNLIGHT TO THE SOILAlso, refer back to the chapter on Plato, when the author discusses Plato’s Myth of the Cave (also known as the Allegory of the Cave) . Think about Plato’s story of the cave, re-read it if you need to . Reflect on this quote by Grundtvig and also re-watch the YouTube video comparing the movie The Matrix with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave from Module 3 . For your reflection, think about your own existence, and about existence in general . People today often fall into specific categories . Perhaps they are religious and use their faith to help explain their existence; or perhaps individuals only believe in science and believe that there is no such thing as God that created us . And then there are people who believe both in the existence of God and science . Finally, there are people who simply have no idea why we exist and no clue as to come up with an answer . Watch the following video of Sophie Sophie-Who Am I? (Links to an external site . )In this video clip, Alberto describes to Sophie’s Plato’s Myth of the Cave . It’s also called the Allegory of the Cave . Please watch https //www . youtube . com/watch?v=4zJX3yluwTIIn Sophie’s case, she is a work of fiction within a work of fiction . To Hilde, Sophie is a character in a book that her father wrote her for her 15th birthday . But Hilde is a work of fiction as well, written by the author, Jostein Gaarder, for us to read . Sophie is fiction to Hilde, yet both Sophie and Hilde are fiction to you and me, just like Mary Poppins and Pippi Longstocking are . Are we real? How can we be so sure? Are we possible creations of someone’s imagination in the universe? Are we the figment of someone’s dream who lives in another reality or dimension? Is that someone “”God””? Are we real because we have senses and consciousness? Rubric There is no right or wrong answer to these philosophical questions on existence . Write a minimum of two paragraphs, each should have at least 5 sentences . Reflect on these questions and what your thoughts are . “
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