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For Problems download them from We Transfer https //we . tl/t-ioLWAQeRCZProblemDataPagePO’s Required12 . 60abcBLKFRI724(1) Model Result12 . 65abcdeNYOJ726(3) Scatterplot, First-Order Model Result, Second-Order Model Result12 . 69ab73112 . 92abcdefWAGAP742(1) Interaction Model Result12 . 107abcdefWAGAP750(3) Sketch for b, Sketch for d, Subset F-Test Result12 . 111abc75712 . 117abcdef75812 . 133WAGAP780(6) Model Result and All Assumption Plots””Problem 9+10″”(6) Model Result and All Assumption PlotsProblem 9+10 Use STOCK . sx to fit a linear regression model . For this regression model, produce the model result (think estimated betas), as well as all five assumption plots residuals vs . independent variables, residuals versus y-hat, stem & leaf plot of standardized residuals, listing of standardized residuals, and time series plot of residuals . This is 6 plots in total one model result and five assumption plots . Once you have produced these plots and have included them in your file, indicate (below each assumption plot) whether an issue has been observed and what you should do to fix it (if there is an issue) . As always, we are looking for extreme departures from the ideal plots (i . e . , extreme departures from plots without assumption issues) . “
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