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The purpose of the Module 4 Lab is to evaluate and defend conservation techniques for gray wolves in the American west . You will have the opportunity to develop skills/knowledge in Utilizing terminology and concepts related to biodiversityIdentifying the causes of the sixth mass extinctionRecognizing opportunities and challenges for species recovery effortsEvaluating and defending conservation techniquesIn order to complete this module, you will complete the following tasks In this week’s lab, everyone will write a research paper and participate in a role-playing discussion . The scenario for our role-play is that 6 conservation groups are competing for $500,000 from 3 generous conservation-minded investors . Though you will work on this lab independently, each student should sign up for the role/conservation method they’d like to play on the People tab (go to Groups, move your name into the topic you’d like to research) . The six conservation roles include (see additional information in the tips for success section at the bottom of this page) I sign up for this one Representative for a non-profit organization advocating for stronger federal and/or state legal protections for wolves (such as Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc . )as will this is extra matreailes will help you during writing this Non-profit advocating for federal and/or state legal protection (such as Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc . ) Gray wolves are currently federally listed as an endangered species, from extirpation in 1930 up to 1500 wolves in the western US in 2014 . Congress will be voting on the status of wolves this year . If they remain on the list, there are large fines and jail time for killing them, except in places where they’ve been federally delisted with Congressionally approved conservation plans . If they are removed, they will be managed by individual states . Some states are eager for their removal once more . What’s missing is public education on the issue so that people can reach out to senators and house representatives on whether they should retain their endangered status . Make sure to explain this complicated legal situation to the investor panel and why you believe wolves should be legally protected from removal . Further Research US Fish and Wildlife Service Gray Wolf Recovery (Links to an external site . ), WA Department of Fish and Wildlife Wolf Management page (Links to an external site . ), Sierra Club Wolves”
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