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Having watched the video Wood European Lecture on Paul Cezanne, where I describe how the artwork functions both literally in terms of its composition and metaphorically in terms of its deeper contextual meaning, go ONLINE to a VIRTUAL MUSEUM (The Getty, LACMA, MOCA, etc) and pick two different artworks by two different artists– drawings, a paintings, sculptures, etc . from the 19th or 20thCentury and make your own video, describing why you feel the works are culturally significant, i . e . enriches our understanding of the world around us . Focus on three elements, line, color and light and discuss how these elements operate within the scope of the work and WHAT MEANING do you derive from this? You will WRITE a 1000 word essay which you WILL READ over the video images . You will then POST YOUR ESSAY with citations along with the link to your YOU TUBE video . “
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