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It is certainly controversial, in part because of an ongoing debate between clinicians and researchers . So, after reviewing the information on codependence in Week 9 (e . g . , handouts, video) what do you think? How widespread is the problem of codependency in our society? Do you agree with “”experts”” such as Pia Melody that a large percentage of people in our society have symptoms of codependency or do you tend to agree more with the critics of codependency? Do you think there is anything else that might also explain these so-called “”characteristics of codependence?”” At what point should these characteristics be considered “”abnormal”” and in need of treatment? Do you think it is important for family members to also consider treatment for themselves? Please be very specific in responding to each of these questions!
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After reviewing the information regarding codependence, I was first struck by it being called a disease, as I’ve never considered it to be one . However, if you look up the definition of a disease in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it defines it as “”a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms; a harmful development (as in a social institution) . “” As codependence is a dysfunctional characteristic, I guess it does then make sense to call it a disease . I’m not fully convinced though . Yes, I think it’s real, and I agree with everything I’ve learned about it, but calling it a disease feels almost dramatic . I agree with Pia Mellody that codependence is very common in our society, and truthfully, I see it in myself to some degree . Learning that it is caused by child abuse does make sense, but was still a bit of a shock to discover . With how common or “”normal”” codependence is in our society, it just shows how much abuse occurs, and many, likely done unknowingly . Being a mom, myself, learning all this does make me more self-aware in the way I treat my own children . I think self-esteem is a very large factor in someone who is codependent . There’s a feeling of wanting to be loved and accepted, that I think causes one to enable another person to continue their addiction despite knowing how much harm it is causing . I also think not knowing how to act in a confrontation could also be another characteristic of codependence . When a loved one gets upset at you for not wanting to help them “”feel”” better by aiding them in their addiction, it can be hurtful, there’s a fear of losing that person, there’s guilt, and/or you may just have never learned how to stand up for yourself . If someone’s codependent actions are causing harm and particularly if someone’s life is at risk, I think at that point, it’s safe to say one should get help . I think this should apply to everyone, including family members . Honestly, codependent family members could be the most harmful, considering how much closer the relationship could be . “
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