Chemistry Reacts with Hydroxide & Lewis Structures Exam Practice: Chemistry Answers 2021

Chemistry Reacts with Hydroxide & Lewis Structures Exam Practice: Chemistry Answers 2021

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Chemistry Reacts with Hydroxide & Lewis Structures Exam Practice

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1. The initial rates were measured under a variety of conditions for the reaction where
(CH3)3CCHICH3 reacts with hydroxide. From those experiments, the rate law was
determined to be rate = k[(CH3)3CCHICH3][–OH].
a. (2 points) What information does the rate law provide about the mechanism of this
b. (4 points) Using curved arrows, draw the mechanism for this reaction. Make sure to
include complete Lewis structures for any products that form.
c. (1 points) What would be different about your mechanism if the rate law had been
determined to be rate = k[(CH3)3CCHICH3]?
2. Consider the reaction where 3A ⇌ 2B. The reaction starts with 1.0 M A and no B. After 7
minutes, the concentration of A has decreased to 0.1 M.
a. (4 points) Complete an ICE table for this reaction.

b. (2 points) On the graph below use a solid line (––––) to plot the [A] vs time for 10
c. (2 points) On the same set of axes, use a dashed or dotted line ( – – – – ) to plot the [B] vs
time for 10 minutes.
d. (1 points) Write an expression for the equilibrium constant for this reaction in terms of
[A] and [B]. Do not include numbers or carry out a calculation here!
e. (2 points) Using your answer to part d, calculate the equilibrium constant for this
reaction. Include your work to earn full credit.
f. (1 points) Imagine that at 9 minutes, some of the product, B, was removed from the
reaction flask. What do you predict would happen to the [A]? Write “increase”,
“decrease”, or “stay the same”. Do not include an explanation here.
Practice Multiple Choice Questions
1. Which reaction do you think has a larger rate constant (faster rate) and why?
I. HCl + H2O → H3O+ + –Cl
II. CH3Br + –OH → CH3OH + Br–
A. I, because acid base reactions don’t have a high activation energy, since the H being transferred is
partially ionized.
B. I, because HCl is a gas, and therefore can react very quickly
C. II, because there is a C-Br bond breaking in the rate determining step
D. II, because hydroxide is a strong base
Explanation: The rate constant depends on the activation energy – which depends on bond breaking
steps. C explains why II would go slower. B and D are not answering the question.
2. At which time is this system at equilibrium? (Why is it at equilibrium at this time? How do you know?)
Answer: C
Explanation: At equilibrium, both the forward and reverse reactions occur at the same rate, so there is
no further change in concentration.
3. For the reaction A + B → C the rate equation is: rate = k[A]2[B]
If the concentration of A is doubled and the concentration of B is doubled, by what factor will the rate
A. 4
B. 2
C. 8
D. 16
4. A radioactive tracer Tc has rate constant for decay of 1.05 × 10–2 hr–1. What is the half-life for the
66 hours
66 days
0.693 hrs
0.480 hrs
What could affect both the rate of a reaction and the equilibrium constant?
I. change in temperature
II. change in concentrations of reactants
III. presence of a catalyst
A. I and III
B. I
C. I and II
D. all of them
Explain what effect each answer (I, II, and III) has on the rate and equilibrium constant.
I. Increasing T will increase the rate (more energetic collisions) and change the value of K.
II. Will only increase the rate (it will change the position of equilibrium – but NOT the value of K)
III. Increases rate – but does not change the value of K. A catalyst provides an alternate path.
6. What is the age of bottled wine that has a tritium (H-3) content that is 60% of the tritium in freshly
bottled wine. Tritium as a half-life of 12.3 years and decays by beta decay (a first-order reaction.
0.029 yr
7.4 yr
9.1 yr
16 yr
35 yr
Which of the labels on this diagram indicates the transition state for the forward rate-determining step?
Answer: B
Explanation: B is the transition state for the forward rate-determining step. The energy change between
A and B is much greater than between C and D. C is the intermediate. D is the transition state for the
second step.
What is the equilibrium constant expression for the following equilibrium?
3Fe(s) + 4H2O(g)  Fe3O4(s) + 4H2(g)
K = [H2]4
K = [H2]
K = [H2]4
K = [Fe2O3][H2]4
This system shows a reaction A + B  AB at
equilibrium, which other system is at equilibrium?
Answer: D
Explanation: You can calculate the K from the initial system K = [AB]/([A][B]) = (3)/(3)(3) = 3/9 =
1/3. None of the other systems have this ratio of products and reactants.
Questions 10-12 are about the same acid:
10. If the pH of a 0.15 M acid is 3.6, what is the Ka?
1.2 × 10-3
2.5 × 10-4
4.2 × 10-7
1.0 × 10-10
11. What is the % ionization of this acid?
12. Which of these diagrams represents a concentrated solution of this acid?
Answer: D
13. For a system at equilibrium
ΔG = 0
ΔG° = 0
Both ΔG and ΔG° = 0
None are true
14. Consider the reaction A + B  2C. The equilibrium constant is 1.0. If a 1 L solution containing 10 mol
A, 2 mol B and 10 mol C is allowed to react, what will be the concentration of A when equilibrium is
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