Keiser Career College Greenacres Communications The Social Mirror Questions: Communications Answers 2021

Keiser Career College Greenacres Communications The Social Mirror Questions: Communications Answers 2021

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Keiser Career College Greenacres Communications The Social Mirror Questions

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The Social Mirror Assignment
1. Explain the meaning of social mirror referring to your textbook and interpreting using your
own words. Next, apply to yourself and explore what others would say about you that is
generally positive. Why do they see you in this way? (use specific examples). Connect the
concept to these reactions and explain how that relates to both inter and intrapersonal
2. Explain the Johari Window referring to your textbook and interpreting using your own words.
Next, explain what falls within the ?Blind? area and consider how you might find out your
blind area. What ?constructive suggestions? would others offer to help you improve or change
and why? What relevance does that have to your communication as a professional?
3. Explain the meaning of personality and its relationship with interpersonal communication
referring to your textbook and interpreting using your own words. Thinking about that
explanation, what do you most like about yourself and how does it help you communicate
with others? Consider taking The Enneagram Personality Test to help you reflect on this
question and be sure to integrate the findings into your response:
4. Explain what you learned about the process of self-analysis from your textbook. Next,
examine what you most dislike in yourself and would like to change. Why do you want to
change or how does it affect you negatively (use specific examples)? Finish by assessing the
implications of these changes to your professional and personal communication.
5. Explain self-awareness and the processes that might be employed to develop our self-concept
(remember to refer to your textbook interpreting what you learned). Next, examine self-beliefs
that limit you and explain how that happens (use specific examples). Finish by assessing the
implications of these limitations to your professional success.
6. Thinking back to question 5, elaborate on how these beliefs might have been created or
influenced by your social mirror. Be sure to think back to various communication encounters
or messages that have been imprinted and use these as examples to support your explanation.
7. Since it is possible ? perhaps even likely ? that these weaknesses or limitations are more
imagined than real, what could you do to turn them into strengths? Use your assigned readings
and seek additional scholarly sources to identify a few research-proven strategies that might
be helpful.
8. Explain the meaning and significance of self-disclosure referring to your textbook as source
support. How does self-disclosure impact your personal and/or professional relationships?
Next, write about who could help you make these changes or give you feedback about your
progress, and how that might benefit you in the future.
9. Think back on the questions and identify a few that were more difficult to complete than
others. Explain why.
10. What did you learn about yourself in this exercise?
(remember that you should cite your textbook and locate additional scholarly sources to
demonstrate knowledge gained).

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