Ohio State University Optimal Ham Radio Band Questions: Engineering Answers 2021

Ohio State University Optimal Ham Radio Band Questions: Engineering Answers 2021

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Ohio State University Optimal Ham Radio Band Questions

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1. Using VOACAP (https://www.voacap.com/hf/), determine the optimal Ham radio band (frequency range) for ionospheric propagation HF communications between a QTH (location) in Hobbiton1, and Pennsylvania2 in a CW, SSB voice, and Data mode (and time) of your choosing. Justify your answers and station setup choices2. What are the orbital period and velocity of an astronaut in orbit at 300 km altitude? What is the orbital period of a satellite in geosynchronous orbit ( r = 6.6 r E )? How long does it take the Moon to orbit Earth if it is at 60 r E from the center of Earth? (Use k = 1.69 and Kepler?s third law with period ( T ) in hours and semi-major axis ( a ) in r E .)3)Discuss two different scenarios when GPS signal dropout might impact some subset of our society.
4)Where is NASA?s Lunar Gateway going to be located? What space weather instrumentation will it have?Why measure space weather parameters on this mission? 5)What sort of lifetime would you expect for a satellite at 150 km? What is the maximum height for a long-lived atmospheric monitoring balloon? 6)The mesosphere/lower ionosphere is below the region for sustainable orbits but well above balloon heights. List several ways we are able to monitor this region.
7) How does the critical frequency of Earth?s ionosphere change from noon to midnight?
8)What is the average meteoric mass input to the entire Earth system annually? Is this calculated or measured? 9)A space weather event fries every power transformer in upstate New York. How long will the impact of this be felt?
10) An auroral substorm produces tens to hundreds of billions of watts of electrical power. Why isn?t it feasible to harness this power? (Hint: calculate the power per area and compare it with the amount of power the Sun provides per square meter at Earth.) 11)Find two different articles about satellite damage/failures due to space weather phenomena. Compare ?em!12)10)Go to https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ ? Plot some solar wind data for this month.

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