Grossmont College Advance Water Treatment Practice: Environmental Science Answers 2021

Grossmont College Advance Water Treatment Practice: Environmental Science Answers 2021

Grossmont College Advance Water Treatment Practice: Environmental Science Answers 2021

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Grossmont College Advance Water Treatment Practice

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Colorado River A. 02 – The Water Cycl
Sacramento and So…
bbm 978-3-319-05…
Question 1
1 pts
When alum is added to water, what does it form?
aluminum sulfate
O aluminum hydroxide
aluminum ferric
aluminum chlorite
Question 2
1 pts
A chemical that can be used to sequester iron and manganese is
caustic soda
sodium hexametaphosphate
com/courses/36263/quizzes/199270 takie
Translate Colorado River E 02 – The Water Cyd
Sacramento and sa
> bbm978-3-319-05

Which one of two forms of free chlorine residual has the most disinfecting power?
3 pts
Question 10
A well must be disinfected at 50 ppm chlorine concentration using 65% HTH. The well casing for the
first 175 ft is 12 inches in diameter and 10 inches in diameter for the remaining 750 ft. The static
water level in the well is 75 ft below ground level. How many pounds of 65% HTH are required to
disinfect the well?
3.1 lbs
1.5 lbs
2.3 lbs
None of those
e Translate
Colorado River A. 02 – The Water Cyciu
Sacramento and Sa..
> bbm.978-3-319.05..
Question 5
1 pts
Algae control is commonly performed with applications of ______?
O copper sulfate
o chlorine
O potassium permanganate
O chlorine dioxide
Question 6
1 pts
Ozone treatment effectively removes everything except.
bacteria and virus
hydrogen sulfide
3D Translate
02 – The Water Cycl.
Sacramento and Sa.
» 078-3-319-05
Colorado River A
Question 7
1 pts
The optimal fluoride feed rate for systems that fluoridate drinking water is based on _____
system location
water temperature
O average age of consumers
annual average of maximum daily air temperatures
1 pts
Question 8
Enhanced coagulation is in response to
O Desire to improve filtration
Effort to lower disinfection by-products
Achieve a higher CT
Remove hardness
Colorado River
P03 – The Water Cycle
Sacramento and Sa.
Question 3
1 pts
The Disinfectant/Disinfection By product Rule set the MCL for Total Trihalomethanes at __?
O 0.80 mg/L
80 PPB
BOD ug/L
1 pts
Question 4
Which technique should NOT be used to verify proper chemical dosage?
O monitor for filter break through
do ajar
measure the zeta potential
Use past plant history

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