Number of Paragraphs in a College Application Essay

Writing a college application essay may not be very easy. It requires one to be keen, concise and comprehensive. Additionally college application essay written must be complete. Following these needs, most students wonder about the number of paragraphs that an application essay should have. To answer this question and enable you write the best one, follow closely.

Your application essay should have three paragraphs. This helps to keep it simple and to the point. Your paragraphs should have details as expounded below.

Paragraph 1: Introduction

In the introduction paragraph, give a brief but concise detail of your intention to apply. Highlight the reasons for your application and your choice of college. At this point, keep it simple and brief. Detailed information will go into the next paragraph.

Paragraph 2: Body/Detail

In the second paragraph, you will give a targeted details that shows your qualification and raises the possibility that you will be accepted in the course and college you apply for. Here, ensure that you follow the directions on the application instructions and fulfill each of them. Always remember that it is not about the amount of the content but the substance in your content. Thus, when you have exhausted all the information, do not seek other information because it may be irrelevant.

Paragraph 3: Conclusion

This paragraph should sum up everything that you have written above and restate your desire to join the college/university. Also, point out to your willingness to share additional information to relating to your application with the assessors.

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