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What is Studyhelp247?

Studyhelp247 is an online tutoring, and homework help platform where students access assignment help services on demand. This means that at any one time, a student can connect to a tutor and get their questions answered. Any assignment type is taken care of by our carefully vetted tutors. The ultimate mission of Studyhelp247 is to make access to online tutoring services easy, friendly, an fun. You can read more about us here

What services are offered on Studyhelp247?

Here, we focus on three main services. These include online tutoring, assignment help, and revision materials.

Majorly, we deal with assignment help. Here, students post assignment questions. These may be hard to crack mathematics problems, online courses and discussions, urgent essays, complex accounting problems or programming assignments where you have difficulties. In essence, it is any kind of assignment. The process is easy since a student only has to post a question along with a budget and due date and then select a tutor’s bid based on these parameters.

Our online tutoring services sees students interacting with tutors on a text based platform where you chat as you’re guided through problems by our tutors. The rates are on a per hour basis.

In these two instances, students have full control since they release money to their tutors once they are satisfied.

Revision materials and notes allow students to access past papers and past essays for reference and exam preparation. There are free and paid materials that can be accessed with a simple search.

How do I create an account here?

Creating an account is easy, and no verification is needed. Just click Sign Up on the top right section and select.

Alternatively, click on the link below to be taken to student account creation page.

Create Student Account

How do I post a question?

Once you have created an account in the as explained above, you then select the first option “Post New Question”.

Posting any question is easy and 100% free.

Is Studyhelp247 a platform to help students cheat?

By no means. Studyhelp247 is simply an additional source of academic help and homework answers. Our tutors do not replace student’s instructors. Instead, they come in to lend a helping hand when students are not in a position to contact their Profs. Using this site does not go against any law.

How do I apply as a tutor on Studyhelp247?

Tutor application is an easy and straight forward process. After selecting signup as a tutor option, you will be presented with a page where you can proceed to your application form. Upload all the documents required and await our confirmation. It takes some time to assess applications and when our hiring sessions come around, we will consider your application and send you a reply via email.

How does the bidding process work?

Once you create a student account and post your questions, tutors will give different offers known as “bids” to handle it. Their prices is often based on your budget. To receive high quality work, it is better to have higher budgets to attract the best tutors to bid. As a student, you then evaluate the bids and pick the best one. You work with the tutor whose bid you accept.

How do I pay for help?

At Studyhelp247, we use PayPal. We chose PayPal for a number of reasons.

  1. PayPal is safe and secure.
  2. Ease of issuing refunds in case a tutor fails to deliver the works.
  3. Availability in over 200 countries.
  4. Processing credit cards securely.
How will I get paid as a tutor? How long does it take?

We process all payments through PayPal.

Once you make your withdrawal, it takes us 2-5 business days to process and send the money to your PayPal account.

How do I request a refund?

To withdraw a question and request refund, you should go to your question workspace and click on “Withdraw/Refund” button. However, we request students to try solve any problems with their tutors before requesting refunds.

Note: All refunds are deposited d into a the students credit balance and not the original funding source

Do you offer 100% refunds?

Yes. On Studyhelp247, we believe that good is not enough. We only promise the best and anything short of that guarantees you, as a student, 100% money back.

I want to change my account email. What should I do?

Send us a message to “support@studyhelp247.com”


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