San Diego State University The Tempest by William Shakespeare Analysis HW: Foreign Languages Answers 2021

San Diego State University The Tempest by William Shakespeare Analysis HW: Foreign Languages Answers 2021

San Diego State University The Tempest by William Shakespeare Analysis HW: Foreign Languages Answers 2021

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San Diego State University The Tempest by William Shakespeare Analysis HW

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Story Response
The Norton Anthology: page 195 passage 1
Odyssey is one of the most entertaining classical stories that never fade away with time.
Like many other classical writing of its time, Odyssey is usually borrowed in literature because of
its contribution to ancient Greek Mythology. In the Norton Anthology of World Lit, the audience is
introduced to the life of Odyssey, a great soldier, and a king who found himself in trouble with a
god. This passage shows the importance of gods in ancient Greek and their interference in human
Odysseus and the gods
Odyssey is a story that follows a great soldier and king who is experiencing what is termed
as the fate of the gods. Instead of returning home like other Vikings, he was stuck on a remote
island with the goddess Calypso. Odyssey’s happens to be unfortunate enough to have captured the
heart of the goddess who refused to let him go home. When I read this part, are a Chinese I can’t
help myself to related to a Chinese legend, DaYu flood control. DaYu passed by three times of this
house but now set- into the house. It’s because DaYu is so busy to help his country in control of the
flood. But in the ten years that Odysseus had been stuck on the island, he was on the verge of losing
his family and kingdom. As a female, I could understand that Yu’s action, but can’t understand or
can’t stand Odysseus’s choice. It’s a different result since he got back home safely. Because of my
religion, you do the good things you get good feedbacks and good results. As a normal standard that
Odysseus is not a good father, husband but a hero.
The passage starts with a request by the goddess Athena to the supreme God Zeus. I named
my golden Zeus and German shepherd Hades by the way. She (Athena) is trying to bargain for the
freedom of odyssey by convincing Zeus that Odysseus has been through a lot and needs rescue from
the goddess Calypso (pg. 196). This passage brings up a debate on the role of gods in Greek
mythology. From the story, it is evident that Odyssey’s life is completely in the hands of the gods.
Odyssey’s life is fully manipulated by the gods as his moves are limited, eliminating his rights to
free will. As much as he is an experienced soldier, Odysseus is helpless when it comes to
controlling his fate. Goddess Calypso held him hostage because she is in love with him, but
Goddess Athena manages to buy his freedom by convincing Zeus, who has control over all the other
Through Athena, we can understand that Odysseus was a religious man who was dedicated
to serving his people and the gods. This passage indicates that the ancient Greek practiced religion
held may similar aspects with modern religion. For instance, Calypso and Athena represent the
intervening forces, and Zeus represents the supreme God. In both cases, a person has to showcase
dedication to their religion to get the favors of the supreme god. It is mentioned that his heart was
troubled, and he so badly wanted to go back to his home or even see smoke rising from his
homeland. After Athena’s narration of the unfortunate events going on in Odyssey’s life, Zeus
allows her to intervene. Zeus notes that he cannot forget odyssey because he is among the most
sensible humans and that he constantly offered sacrifices to the gods (pg. 196).
In Buddhist, or Chinese culture, we believe in immortal, but we believed that working
harder and be good be nice to things all around you. By doing small well and save bit by bit is for
after or next life. Buddha said, “ Do not suppose small good and not to do, and small bad to try it.
Somehow, the whole Odyssey story is reminding me of one of the fifth of the four great classical
novels in China, the journey to the West. In this story, the Jade Emperor the Supreme Deity of
Taoism is the same hierarchy as Zeus does. He does the same thing to Tangseng, the one who pious
to the deity. Jade Emperor put 81 difficult to Tangseng, but when he is suffering more than he
should suffer. Jade emperor send other deities to help him. Finally, he obtains Buddhist scriptures
and become one of the deities, it’s a happy ending as the Odyssey does without the killing part.
But still, there are lots of cultural differences between Greek and China.
God is watching us, is the main thesis of this passage. God has all the authority, let Odysseus
go home or not just depend on Zeus. This is similar to Buddhist, Jade Emperor is the supreme god
over all, he can decide let Tangseng get a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures or not. Because I was
raised by a Buddhist religion background, I always think about why God has all the power to
“control” all of us? I am starting to questioning myself on and off, life is tough sometimes, why
should I always follow the good principle, in this way I can become another human being for my
next life? How about I am still doing good but become a little doggie for my next life and have a
good owner who is going to be nice to me? Can bodhisattva hear me? How can I make sure
bodhisattva know my wish and disabuse me? No one will give me an answer, until I will figure it
out by myself.
Norton Anthology of World Li.” 4th edition, Volume 1. Norton.

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