UCM 2007 Through Deaf Eyes Movie Analysis Communication Modes Discussion: Foreign Languages Answers 2021

UCM 2007 Through Deaf Eyes Movie Analysis Communication Modes Discussion: Foreign Languages Answers 2021

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UCM 2007 Through Deaf Eyes Movie Analysis Communication Modes Discussion

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Through Deaf Eyes
1. The only communication mode the Deaf community utilizes is sign language.
T or F
2. Why did Sam Supalla think the neighbor girl was strange?
3. What percentage of all deaf people have hearing parents?
4. About how many Americans are profoundly deaf?
5. Who, in 1817, opened the first permanent school for the deaf?
6. In 1864, who signed the law establishing American?s first college for deaf people?
7. How was Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) connected to the deaf community?
8. Why is AGB against deaf people marrying each other?
9. Why was AGB considered to be the boogieman in deaf folklore?
10. Why were the students at oral schools not allowed to sign? What were their teachers
afraid of?
11. Why do some successful oral deaf people like Kristen Harmon choose not to use speech
even though she is easy to understand?
12. Why did the NAD begin making films in 1910?
13. What kind of activities were available through deaf clubs?
14. What technological development probed to be disastrous for deaf movie actors?
15. What policy was established by the NAD in 1925 after a black deaf couple tried to attend
the annual convention?
16. What is an audiogram?
17. What historic event occurred in May 1964 through the efforts of Robert Weitbrecht and
his partners, James Marsters and Andrew Sachs?
18. Which Gallaudet professor who is known for playing bagpipes on campus published the
first sign language dictionary in 1965 with his deaf colleagues Dorothy Casterline and
Carl Croneberg?
19. How was the dictionary important to the history of ASL?
20. What is the origin of the huddle in football?
21. After Ben Bahan studied the grammar of ASL in college, what did he realize about the
signing style of his father?
22. List two techniques that are common to ASL storytelling and film making.
23. What year was the National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) established?
24. Which college for the deaf was opened in Rochester, New York in 1968?
25. What are some ?movie effects? that are used in ASL?
26. List at least 3 classifiers (CL) Wayne Betts used in his film: Vital Signs. What did each CL
27. In the play, My Third Eye, what do you think the ?bucket? scene represent?
28. Why was Children of a Lesser God so important to deaf people?
29. Why were leaders of the deaf community upset with the way Marlee Matlin presented
the names of the nominees for the best actor at the Academy Awards?
30. During the Gallaudet Deaf President Now (DPN) protests of 1988, how did the students
leaders block the entrances and exits to the university?
31. Name some of the reasons why it was important to the deaf community to have a deaf
president at Gallaudet University.
32. What is ?the most celebrated event in deaf history? known as?
33. According to a 1988 News poll, what percentage of the general public supported the
student leaders in the DPN protests at Gallaudet?
34. How did the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that was passed by the U.S. Congress
in 1990 benefit American citizens?
35. Why are cochlear implants (CI) not ?an automatic way to pick up spoken language??
36. How do teachers communicate to students at the Maryland School for the Deaf?
37. When is sign language used in the classrooms at the Clarke School for the Deaf in
Northampton, Mass?
38. What percentage of deaf children spend their entire education mainstreamed in regular
public schools?
39. What does deaf professor, Gina Oliva, mean when she says ?Met deaf, WOW!??
40. How many deaf musicians are in the band Beethoven?s Nightmare?
41. According to musician, Ed Chevy, what is the huge important part of deaf culture?
42. According to author Tom Humphries, what are deaf people afraid of?
43. According to actor and director, CJ Jones, what is the most powerful vehicle to success
and the power of the universe?
44. Most deaf children today are mainstreamed into regular public schools. What resources
do they have to help them learn?
45. Name 5 things you learned while watching this film that you didn?t know before.

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