SCI 205E Running Water and Coastlines Questions: Geology Answers 2021

SCI 205E Running Water and Coastlines Questions: Geology Answers 2021

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SCI 205E Running Water and Coastlines Questions

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Question 1 (1 point)
Which of the following is correct?
Question 1 options:
the gradient of the Mississippi is steeper than the Atchafalaya
the capacity of the Atchafalaya is greater than the Mississippi
the head of the Atchafalaya is actively depositing sediment
the discharge of the Atchafalaya is greater than the Mississippi
the gradient of the Atchafalaya is steeper than the Mississippi
Question 2 (1 point)
In general, as you move downstream from the headwaters to the mouth of a stream:
Question 2 options:
gradient and velocity do not change
gradient and velocity both decrease
gradient increases and velocity decreases
gradient and velocity both increase
gradient decreases and velocity increases
Question 3 (1 point)
Which of the following features would you not find on a well-formed floodplain in the zone of
transport along a river?
Question 3 options:
point bars
v-shaped channels
oxbow lakes
cut banks
Question 4 (1 point)
Longshore drift is not responsible for creating of which of the following:
Question 4 options:
baymouth bars
movement of sand along the beach parallel to the shoreline
barrier islands
Question 5 (1 point)
If you lived in a house along a river and a dam is built along the river downstream from your
house, which of the following scenarios is most likely?
Question 5 options:
The gradient of the stream outside your house will increase
Your house will be buried in mud deposited by the river
The bank of the stream channel will be eroded and your house will fall in the river
The velocity of the river outside your house will increase
Your house will fall into a sinkhole
Question 6 (1 point)
Which of the following stream channel types would you be most likely to see on a section of
stream with a very steep gradient?
Question 6 options:
an oxbow channel
a narrow v-shaped channel
a braided channel
a distributary
a meandering channel
Question 7 (1 point)
Which is a possible explanation for the development of a submergent coastline?
Question 7 options:
climate cooling and freezing more water into glaciers resulting in a drop in sea level
a transition from spring tides to neap tides
climate warming and melting glaciers resulting in a rise in sea level
continental uplift near the shoreline resulting in sea cliffs
increased rates of erosion on a continent moving more sediment by rivers to the ocean
Question 8 (1 point)
The total amount of sediment carried by a stream is called ________, and the largest size particle
transported by a stream is referred to as ________.
Question 8 options:
suspended load, bed load
capacity, competence
competence, capacity
bed load, suspended load
dissolved load, bed load
Question 9 (1 point)
If a stream has a cross-sectional area of 20 m2 and a velocity of 2 m/sec., it has a discharge of:
Question 9 options:
22 m
22 m3/sec
42 m2/sec
40 m3/sec
40 m
Question 10 (1 point)
If the steep ridges Old River Control Structure were to fail, which of the following would be
most likely?
Question 10 options:
the Mississippi would completely capture the discharge of the Atchafalaya
Baton Rouge and New Orleans would be destroyed by massive floods
future hydroelectric power generation in Louisiana would be impossible
the channel of the Atchafalaya would be completely filled with sediment
the Atchafalaya would completely capture the discharge of the Mississippi
Question 11 (1 point)
Most of the cities and towns along the Mississippi River in Louisiana are located on the highest
land available. Which landforms are these towns located upon?
Question 11 options:
oxbow lakes
yazoo swamps
natural levees
bird-foot deltas
Question 12 (1 point)
You have recently purchased a beach house on beautiful piece of beach-front
property. However, after several months you have noticed that your wonderful sandy beach is
now 10 meters narrower than when you first purchased the property. What factor is most likely
responsible for your loss of beach sand?
Question 12 options:
longshore drift
coriolis force
tidal delta formation
neap tides
Question 13 (1 point)
In a frantic effort to preserve your beach, you decide to build a groin out into the ocean. Which
of the following is most likely to happen next?
Question 13 options:
your neighbor slaps you with a lawsuit because her beach is now rapidly eroding
your beach house foundation begins to crack and fail
a new river channel opens up on your property
you no longer have tidal fluctuations on your beach
the heights of waves hitting your beach are noticeably smaller
Question 14 (1 point)
Which of the following is a consequence of the man-made levees built along the lower
Mississippi River?
Question 14 options:
the gradient of the Mississippi is decreasing
the gradient of the Mississippi River is increasing
the length of the Atchafalaya River is increasing
the length of the Mississippi River is decreasing
the gradient of the Atchafalaya River is increasing
Question 15 (1 point)
Most of the Pacific coast of the United States is characterized by:
Question 15 options:
low relief
spits and baymouth bars
wave-cut platforms and sea arches
barrier islands and lagoons
submergent coastal features

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