Journal Writing on Public Reflective Information

Instructions Weekly journals should reflect public (not confidential) information regarding duties performed by the intern throughout the week and descriptions of knowledge, skill, and attitude gained through the internship experience for the week. Double space all journals and upload them before 10 a.m. each Monday morning (CST) following each week. Each report should include a heading with your name, total hours worked for the week, and composite number of hours worked to date for the semester. Your reports should be double spaced, have indented paragraphs, and generally be one page or less, depending on amount of work accomplished during the week. Each report should be grammatically correct. Your reports should reflect on ?what you learned? and should not include mere listings of duties or technical discussions. Missing reports will reduce the percentage of points received for the semester. The percentage of reports received on time throughout the term which meet these criteria will be used to award the portion of 100 course points for the semester. Below is what I need someone to help me write in one page journal I need someone who can help me write it professionally. I am not good at writing and I need help. I briefly talked about what I did on my 20 hrs of internship. talk about business contniuty what its On June 5 was the first day I started my internship at Tristar HCA at summit medical center in the Information Technology department. The supervisor who?s the director of the department, set up meeting with me and gave me a tour of the entire department. Found me several projects to work on and see what interest me as far as my degree concentrations goes. I was assigned with a project to work on called Application Impact Assessments which is for the Business continuity. I was interested in working on it since I had experience on working with Excel really well. I was provided with the private application and I transferred all the excel data into Microsoft application template. The supervisor said none of this business continuity ever get done on time and he appreciated to have me intern to work on it.

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The paper is high quality, 0% plagiarism and the flow is just great. Thank you so much. I will always work with you. Highly recommended.

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