UMGC Implementation of a Website for Reporting Cyberbullying Summary: Management Answers 2021

UMGC Implementation of a Website for Reporting Cyberbullying Summary: Management Answers 2021

UMGC Implementation of a Website for Reporting Cyberbullying Summary: Management Answers 2021

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UMGC Implementation of a Website for Reporting Cyberbullying Summary

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The format and content of a Project Charter varies from organization to organization. Larger organizations have a PMO (Project Management Office.) Typically, the PMO dictates a standard format and content of key project deliverables, such as a Project Charter.
If you work for an organization that has a standard template for a Project Charter (or, perhaps they refer to it as a “Statement of Work”), feel free to use your organization’s format. Otherwise, please use the Project Charter template provided by your instructor.
The Project Charter should include the following sections:

Description and Scope

Background info on organization, history of the problem / business need
Objectives – the solution to the need, success criteria
Benefits of the solution
Scope statement – major deliverables, specific out-of-scope items. 
Business case – is the project worth doing? Financial justification. 


Major milestones or events schedule
Impact on other projects or systems
Critical assumptions, and constraints
Process for change control


Identify Sponsor, Stakeholders, Project team Roles & responsibilities
Other material resource needs 

Known risks at the outset
Acceptance criteria – how will we know when it’s done and accepted by the 
Time and cost estimates – budget

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