Theory Paper

student will be required to write a 10-12 paper using the rubric below to examine theoretical concepts: Family Systems, Cognitive/Behavioral Theories, Psychodynamic Theory as discussed in class. Knowledge and understanding of these theoretical perspectives will enhance success on the Social Work License Exam and will facilitate student?s advanced year curriculum studies.
All papers must use APA style referencing. Each discussion of the social work Code of Ethics must include a direct citation from the Code of Ethics. Headings must be included for each section of the paper. All late papers will receive a five point penalty reduction per calendar day. All papers over the 12 page limit will receive a five point deduction.
Theory Paper Due___OCTOBER 24, 2019___________________

Family Systems Theory [30 points]

Discuss the key concepts of the theory. [10]
Discuss strengths and limits of family systems theory. [10]
How consistent is systems theory with social work values? Use a specific case example in your response. Include a direct citation for the Code of Ethics. [10]
Cognitive/Behavioral Theories: [30 points]

Key concepts of Cognitive Theory and key concepts of Behaviorism [10]
Strengths and limits of both cognitive and behavioral theories [10]
Consistency with social work values; Include a specific example of both Cognitive theory and Behavioral theory in your response. Include a direct citation for the Code of Ethics [10]
Psychodynamic Theory. [30 points]

Key concepts of Psychodynamic theory (Note: You may discuss sub theories here) [10]
Strengths and limits of Psychodynamic Theory [10]
Consistency with social work values; include a specific example. Include a direct citation for the Code of Ethics [10] APA style referencing; grammar, spelling, sentence structure, headings, title, reference page, citations, etc. [10 points]

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