How it Works

In this first step, you will need to post a question. If you have a Studyhelp247 account, you will have to log in. If you do not have a student account, you will create an account. It is easy and takes 1 minute to register and post your question.

Step 1: Post Question

When you post a question, tutors will place their bids. You will receive a notification via email whenever you question receives an offer from a tutor. After assessing the bids, you can select the tutor you wish to work with.

When selecting, you will pay 100% deposit which will be kept in the system until your tutor delivers.

Step 2: Select a Tutor

After selecting your tutor, delivery will be made on or before the deadline provided in your agreement. After the delivery, students have time to assess the work delivered and release the money to their tutors as they review their work.

Step 3: Receive Complete Work.

Once you receive quality work, as most student do, you then repeat the three step process the next time you need assignment or homework help.

Step 4: Repeat.