Grantham University Projectile Simulation Physics Lab Report: Physics Answers 2021

Grantham University Projectile Simulation Physics Lab Report: Physics Answers 2021

Grantham University Projectile Simulation Physics Lab Report: Physics Answers 2021

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Grantham University Projectile Simulation Physics Lab Report

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For this lab, go to and start with the “Intro” simulation. The cannon is elevated 10 m above
the ground, and the projectile is a pumpkin. Make sure air resistance is turned off, and
set the initial speed to 10 m/s with a 0° angle of elevation. Fire, and use the tape measure
at the top of the simulation to measure the distance along the ground ( = x distance =
range) from the origin to the impact point. Notice that the origin is marked by the heavy
“+”on the cannon, and the x distance from that point to the center of the target is 15 m.
Range for 0°, 10 m elevation, 8 m/s pumpkin ________________ m
How long should it take an object with no vertical velocity to fall 10 m (without air
resistance)? (assume g = 9.8 m/s2)
y = ½ a t2
t = ________________ s
If vx is fixed at 8 m/s, how far could the projectile travel in the time you just found?
Range = vxt = _____________________ m
How high up would the cannon’s platform need to be to get a range of 15 m with a 0°
angle and a speed of 8 m/s?
Elevation required ______________m
Will the simulation let you raise the cannon that high?
(circle one)
Go back to 0°, 10 m elevation, 8 m/s, and use a car and then a golf ball as your projectiles.
What’s the range?
Car ________________ m
Golf ball ________________ m
Select the box to turn air resistance on and repeat for all three. Which projectile has…
the longest range? Ball Pumpkin Car The shortest range? Ball Pumpkin Car
Turn off the air resistance and set the cannon’s elevation to 0 m and the speed to 15 m/s.
You can go back to a small projectile like a golf ball or cannon ball. Fire the cannon from
35° and then from 55°. What do you notice about the ranges for those two angles?
Select the box to show the total acceleration vector. Change the projectile to a piano, 
to 25°, and fire. What do you notice about the direction of a (the acceleration vector)?
Does your statement above depend on where along the path you observe a?
Now turn air resistance back on and repeat firing the piano. What’s different?
Turn off air resistance and the acceleration vector, but turn on the velocity vector’s
components. Fire again. What happens to each component?
vx ___________________________________________________________________
vy ___________________________________________________________________
Air resistance is still off. Select a golf ball, set the cannon’s elevation to 0 m and the
projectile speed to 15 m/s. What firing angle gives the maximum range? Notice that the
tool at the top of the simulation that was next to the tape measure can be used to find the
time, range, and height at any point along the path if you put the crosshairs on that point.
Maximum range at ________°
What  gives the max height?
Range at that angle ______________m
Height at that angle __________m
Now look at the range for  = 25° and the range for  = 65. List both below.
Range at 25° _______________m
Range at 65° _______________m
What’s the max height for each?
Max height at 25° _______________m
Max height at 65° _______________m
What’s the time in air for each?
Total time at 25° _______________s
Total time at 65° _______________s
Submit this lab to the Dropbox associated with Module 4.

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