COM 3461 FIU Intercultural & Interracial Communication Question: Political Science Answers 2021

COM 3461 FIU Intercultural & Interracial Communication Question: Political Science Answers 2021

COM 3461 FIU Intercultural & Interracial Communication Question: Political Science Answers 2021

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COM 3461 FIU Intercultural & Interracial Communication Question

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Question 1
Julie was a Peace Corps volunteer in Uzbekistan who had just recently arrived in
Uzbekistan. She was anxious to meet many of the people in the community and spent
her first days riding her motorcycle through the hills near her house. While riding she
stopped to talk with an Uzbek man named Viktar who was eager to practice his English.
They had a pleasant conversation and Viktar asked if they could talk again sometime
because he as anxious to hear more about the United States. Julie was eager to
establish some friendships while in Uzbekistan and told Viktar that she was glad to have
found a friend. Viktar stopped by Julie’s house the next day and stayed for several
hours. He visited Julie regularly and brought her small gifts. Julie realized quickly that
Viktar wished to develop more than a friendship with her. She decided to discuss their
relationship with him.
“Viktar, I think we need to talk about our friendship. I think you might want something
more than I do, you know, something more serious,” said Julie.

“You said you wanted us to be friends, right? That’s what I want too,” replied Viktar.
“I guess I don’t quite understand Uzbek customs yet. Do you bring gifts to your friends
every time you visit them?” responded Julie.
“If I want to have a girlfriend, someone special, I do,” remarked Viktar.
“But I thought you just wanted us to be friends,” said Julie.
“That’s right, I do. I want us to be friends. That’s why I am visiting you and bringing you
gifts,” replied Viktar.
● Explain why there is miscommunication in this scenario.
● Relate this scenario to what the text says about Translation and
● Summarize what the text says about Translation and Interpretation.
Question 2
Interesting Fact & Idea
It is projected that in a hundred years half of the world’s currently spoken 6,000
languages will disappear. Ken Hale is quoted as saying that “when we lose a language,
it is like dropping a bomb on the Louvre.” When we lose languages, we lose cultures.
● Do you agree or disagree explain in detail AND draw upon one or more
SPECIFIC theories to support your answer and explain that theory?
Question 3
American Tongues
● What are the consequences of not speaking the “Standard American Dialect”
according to the video?
● List example from the video.
Question 4
The Globe
Please check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is
a title, then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about
the image and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of
this document as it relates to the theory in the text.
Go to The Globe. Locate India (in Asia). Take a look at the language links for Hindi.
Your text discusses the preference in other cultures on organization of language. This
can be the organization of an entire essay, a paragraph or just a simple sentence. In
English we know the word order is adjective + noun (red chair). In Spanish it is the
opposite noun + adjective (silla roja).
● What is the word order in Hindi?
● Summarize the link.
● How does this relate to text?
Question 5
Movie ClipYou just viewed a scene from the film “Presumed Innocent” starring Harrison
Ford. Ford’s character is a prosecutor and he is accused of committing murder.
Suddenly the colleagues he has been friends with for years are trying to send him to
prison. In this particular scene, a pre-trial motion is being heard before the judge. What
is being decided is whether something Ford said, out of anger, to one of his colleagues
is admissible in court.
● Relate what the text says about dialects to the statement “Yeah, your right” as
it is being dismissed by the judge.
● How does one know the meaning of the actual words versus the “real”
meaning intended? Explain in detail.
FIU | COM3461 – Presumed Innocent
Question 6
World of Gestures
There are enormous cultural differences in gestures, just as there are enormous differences in

Describe 3 gestures from other cultures (mentioned in the video) that are related to
Summarize what the text says about nonverbal codes being arbitrary and
Why are nonverbal codes being arbitrary and ambiguous?
Question 7
The Globe
Please check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is a title,
then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about the image
and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of this document as
it relates to the theory in the text.
Go to The Globe. Locate the Country of Japan (in Asia). Take a look at the photographs. The text
discusses Appearance and Attire as a category of nonverbal communication. One of the items listed
in this category is clothing.

What is the traditional dress of Japan?
Explain what the link says about it.
How is appearance a part of nonverbal communication?
Question 8
Movie Clip
You just viewed a scene from the film “Seven Years in Tibet” starring Brad Pitt. Brad
Pitt’s character, Heinrich Harrer, is an Austrian mountain climber who sets out to climb
Mount Everest in 1939. While he is climbing the mountain, WWII breaks out and when
he returns down the mountain he enters India and he is taken as a prisoner of war by
the British who, at this time, control India. He escapes the prison camp and travels on
foot for many months until he reaches Tibet.
In this particular scene, he (and his fellow climber) are entering one of the villages in
● The text discusses three Cultural Variations in Nonverbal Communication.
Relate those to this scene.
● Summarize the 3 Cultural Variations in Nonverbal Communication
FIU | Video 37- Seven Years Tibet_CC.mp4
Question 9
I was working as an English teacher in the Seychelles when I met Paul. Paul was an
older student who could not finish his high school education as a teenager and is now
completing his degree at the age of 32. I had arranged to meet Paul at 2:00 on Saturday
in front of the post office. I had been invited by his mother for tea and he was meeting
me to take me to their home in the hills surrounding the small town.
I arrived at the post office at 2:00. Because it was Saturday, there were not too many
people in town. The busiest days were Mondays and Thursdays market days and the
weekends tended to bring fewer people into town during the day. As I waited for Paul, I
watched the people come and go as they checked their mailboxes. 2:15 came and still
no sign of Paul. I was beginning to wonder whether I had heard 2:00 or 3:00 when Paul
and I spoke the day before. I was sure it was 2:00, then 2:30 came and I was beginning
to get frustrated. 2:45 came and now I was angry. Why did he say 2:00 and then not
show up?
As my watch clicked to exactly 2:56, I saw Paul turn the corner of one of the several
butchers in town. He approached the post office, smiled and greeted me.
“It’s a long walk to my home. I hope you’re ready for a journey,” said Paul
I said yes, half-waiting for an apology from him for being late, but it never came. Finally I
said, “Paul, did you say you would meet me at 2:00 or 3:00?”
“I said 2:00. I hope you were not waiting long. Are you ready to go?” responded Paul.
Still no apology or explanation. After a very long walk we reached his home. The
afternoon was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Paul’s family. When I
returned to school the following Monday, I asked one of the Malawi teachers what she
would have thought about Paul arriving almost an hour late.
“Oh, but he was not late. You said he came at 2:56. That’s still 2:00.”
“It’s a lot closer to 3:00 than 2:00,” I responded-somewhat annoyed at this point.
“Ah, perhaps in ‘American time’ but remember, here we are on ‘African time.'”

How would you describe African time?
How would you describe American time?
Summarize what the text says about Time.
Relate what the text says about Informal Time (Under the heading Time
Systems) systems to this scenario.
● List and explain Informal Time systems.
Question 10
Jane was asked to represent her company at a conference that was to take place in
Buenos Aires. Everything went well, the plane trip, checking into the hotel, and so on,
until the pre-conference cocktail party. Jane was approached by a young woman
executive from a local firm who introduced herself as Dinorah. Immediately upon striking
up a conversation she appeared to be making a physical advance. It seemed that every
time Jane moved away Dinorah moved forward. After some time, Jane found herself
against a wall unable to retreat any further. Dinorah kept her close distance. Having
experienced enough discomfort, Jane curtly excused herself, returned to her room and
refused to attend more functions.
● How could you best explain this incident?
● Relate this to what the text says about proxemics.
● How many distance zones are there—list and explain them?

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