Moral Development Unethical Behavior Model Ethical Blindspot Questions: Political Science Answers 2021

Moral Development Unethical Behavior Model Ethical Blindspot Questions: Political Science Answers 2021

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Moral Development Unethical Behavior Model Ethical Blindspot Questions

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1. According to Paula Gordon, which type of actor reaches a stage 4 moral development?
a. Value-neutral actor
b. No value actor
c. Ethic-laden actor
d. Value-based actor
2. Which scholar(s) developed the unethical behavior model based on incentives?
a. Sheldon Steinberg and David Austern
b. Paula Gordan
c. James Svara
d. Paula Gordan and James Svara
3. Which document describes how public administrators can circumvent federal laws
prohibiting the firing and hiring of career employees based on their political loyalties?
a. The U.S. Constitution
b. The Bill of Rights
c. The Pendleton Act
d. The Malek Manual
4. Maris, the executive director of a nonprofit organization is asking her bookkeeper to
record an expense inappropriately, explaining that this move was necessary for the
good of the organization. According to Svara, Maris is using what type of argument to
convince her employee to perform an inappropriate act?
a. The false necessity trap
b. Redundancy
c. Prudence
d. Conformity
5. Svara writes that lack of awareness is an ethical explanation for committing an unethical
a. True
b. False
6. Svara identifies four psychological components of ethical decision making as
a. moral sensitivity, awareness, actions, and consequences.
b. moral judgment, character, actions, and consequences.
c. moral motivation, sensitivity, character, and judgment.
d. moral character, sensitivity, actions, and consequences.
7. An advantage of using a systematic ethical problem-solving model is
a. little information is needed regarding an ethical issue.
b. it allows a nonrational approach for decision making.
c. it provides an orderly path for decision making.
d. it provides administrators an opportunity to justify what they have already
decided to do.
8. Your textbook discusses the concept of an ethical ?blindspot.? What does this mean?
Can you provide an example that you or someone else exhibited a blindspot and made
an unethical decision?
9. Read Case 7-1 on page 136 of your text. In the space provided, answer the question on
?do you answer the question?? and write a script on what exactly you would say or
write to your Georgia colleague.
10 According to Svara, another term for distributional equity is _______.
a. Access
c. Quality
b. Outcomes
d. Procedure
11 The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 provides protections to
government scientists who challenge censorship.
a. True
b. False
12 Review the tips listed for Whistleblowers on page 151 Exhibit 8-1. Which tip do you find
the most useful for your position and career? Why?
13 Which of the five approaches to elevating ethics do you find the most valuable or
important for your organization to address? Why?
14 The Project on Government Oversight is a whistleblower support group.
a. True
b. False
15 According to a study by the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, most federal employees first
report improper behavior to a/an
a. coworker.
b. immediate supervisor.
c. higher level supervisor.
d. agency inspector general.
16 High level contributors must submit a personal or organizational code of ethics to the national
United Way.
a. True
b. False
17 Which statement below is NOT a key ethics-related action according to The Ethics Resource
a. Setting a good example
b. Encouraging employees to join a faith-based organization
c. Keeping promises and commitments .
d. Supporting others in adhering to ethics standard
18 Anne, the executive director of a nonprofit organization, is inviting the entire staff to participate
in the development of an organizational code of ethics. According to your author, which
approach to elevating the ethical climate in public organizations is Anne practicing?
Strong organizational structure
Clear expectations, effective training, and mechanisms for control
Channels for complaints and values that encourage dissent
Commitment to equity and involvement in dealings with the public

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