University of Central Florida Comment on Discussion Responses: Political Science Answers 2021

University of Central Florida Comment on Discussion Responses: Political Science Answers 2021

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University of Central Florida Comment on Discussion Responses

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Discussion 1
As a gun owner myself when it comes to loosing your right to bear arms and when societies
and personal rights, there are already laws in place. If someone is mentally ill in the sense
that they are deemed a danger to themselves or others, they are not allowed to buy a gun.
Many mass shooters did not always go to a federally licensed dealer like a sporting goods
store and buy a gun, many were obtained privately, illegally, or borrowed from someone
else. So the question becomes can you lose your right to bear arms, yes someone can if they
are a danger to themself or others, lacks mental capacity to contract, is found insane by a
court, or is found incompetent to stand trial. Something that could be dangerous is that if you
have been involuntary committed then you can not buy a gun, but if it was voluntary then
you are allowed to buy a gun. Societies rights outweigh personal rights when someone is a
danger to themselves or others. Many times we are pointing the finger at the regulations on
guns and not why people want to kill others, a problem in this country is that it is more
easily accessible to buy a gun then to get mental health help. One legislation federally that is
in vote right now is the ?Mental Health Access and Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2021?.
This act increase access and funding to mental health care treatment and services, and
promotes reporting of mental health information to the National Instant Criminal
Background Check System. The more we fund the mental health system the more people
have access to it and get the help they need.
Sources: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Discussion 2
The second amendment, the right to bear arms, is complicated from the start, as we see that
it?s a complicated:
second amendment:? its prefatory clause (?A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
security of a free State?) and its operative clause (?the right of the people to keep and bear
Arms shall not be infringed?). To perhaps oversimplify the opposing arguments, the ?states?
rights? thesis emphasized the importance of the prefatory clause, arguing that the purpose of
the clause was to protect the states in their authority to maintain formal, organized militia
units. The ?individual rights? thesis emphasized the operative clause, so that individuals
would be protected in the ownership, possession, and transportation of firearms.1 (Links to
an external site.) Whatever the Amendment meant, it was seen as a bar only to federal
action, not state2 (Links to an external site.) or private3 (Links to an external site.) restraints.?
(Legal Information Institution )
We know that supposedly that when it comes to amendments that legally, they have to be
obliged unless there?s a good reason like the first amendment it?s safe unless it promotes
things like violence. It?s a similar case for the Bill of Rights, so even though people have a
right to bear arms, but stated, states have the right to state their laws. There is a possibility
that an individual can lose their rights if they are a convicted felon or a criminal. It depends
on the state, and how they handle its gun laws. It?s a tough call for when ?society, should be
considered vs someone?s personal being.
?Mental illness is associated with a statistically significant increased risk of violence, but most
people with mental illness are never violent. In the longitudinal National Epidemiologic
Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC; wave 1, 2001?2002; wave 2, 2004?
2005), the 12-month prevalence of any violent behavior was .8% among people with no
mental illness, 1.7% among people with any mental illness, and 2.9% among people with
serious mental illness. All of these estimates excluded individuals with a substance use
disorder, which increases risk of violence among people with and without mental illness: in
the NESARC, 2.9% of people with a substance use disorder alone and 10.0% of people with
serious mental illness plus a substance use disorder had any violent behavior in the past 12
months. The estimated one-year population-attributable risk of interpersonal violence
associated with mental illness is 4%, meaning that approximately 96% of all gun violence
incidents in the United States are caused by factors other than mental illness (1 (Links to an
external site.)).? (McGinty), in terms when it comes to people with a mental illness, I believe
that, yes there might need some stricter rules or background checks like violent records, but
that should go for everyone, and not just people with a mental illness. . It?s proven that less
than 4% of people with a serious mental illness are violent and committed a crime with a
gun. This could because maybe states have stricter gun laws compared to others. I do believe
that we need stricter laws when it comes to guns, but at the same time, you should be
allowed to have at least a handgun, and nothing crazy like a rifle, or heavy artillery, or
hunting guns. I personally never like guns nor the idea, but I understand that you need to
protect yourself. I don?t think we need to rely on society?s rights because right now, their
rights aren?t so focused on everyone, and it feels super backward. We focus on the wrong
thing, and our social norms don?t include everyone in the mix, and we?re so divided. Society
rights shouldn?t outweigh a personal individual because we have yet to learn about
awareness and acceptance as a whole.
Gun violence isn?t a joke. It?s terrifying and it?s sad when we are constantly reminded that
any day and any time someone will snap, and aim to commit a blood bath, whether it?s our
school, a store, work, etc. It can happen any day and any time. We need to do something, but
not only for those with a serious mental illness. We see clear proof that people with a mental
illness don?t always commit these crimes, but that doesn?t mean we turn a blind eye to those
without a mental illness. We need a stricter gun law, a deeper background track something
to prevent any more pain and suffering. Gun violence shouldn?t be a social norm nor should
it be ignored that we have a serious problem. It?s going to happen again and again if we don?t
do something.
Amendment II. BEARING ARMS | U.S. Constitution Annotated | US Law | LII / Legal
Information Institute ( (Links to an external site.)
Mental Illness and Gun Violence: Disrupting the Narrative | Psychiatric Services
( (Links to an external site.)
Mental Illness and Gun Violence | The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (
I need you to comment on on this two discussion one comment for each disscusion

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