PHI 1600 Hillsborough Community College Police Brutality as an Ethical Issue Essay: Psychology Answers 2021

PHI 1600 Hillsborough Community College Police Brutality as an Ethical Issue Essay: Psychology Answers 2021

PHI 1600 Hillsborough Community College Police Brutality as an Ethical Issue Essay: Psychology Answers 2021

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PHI 1600 Hillsborough Community College Police Brutality as an Ethical Issue Essay

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This is not a formal essay so it does not require MLA, APA or Harvard Style, formatting for the project but you will have to use one of these standard formats to identify all the references, documents or materials that you used in preparation of the project. Place the references for each section at the end of that section of the project. So put the references for the See section at the end of the See section and so forth.You may provide a brief introduction to your project before going into the four sections. Your project must abide by this four section method of presentation of your ethical wisdom applied to a practical problem. I grade each section separately so be sure to include what is required in each section described below.S: This is the first section of the project. In SEE:You provide (1) real world examples of the ethical issue you are investigating and (2) why you believe these examples demonstrate the ethical issue you want to investigate. These examples can be found in the news, movies, books, articles and sometimes in your own experience. You need only provide the principle information for each example that relates to the specific ethical issue under investigation. Examples of ethical issues can be found in many interesting areas and can include environmental ethics, which include so many sub topics and each sub topic might make a fine Ethics and Society project. Example of sub topics within environmental ethics could include animal rights in agriculture, habitat destruction and specie extinction, climate change, sea pollution, global warming, water usage in the western United States, and so on. Or social and political ethics, that might have sub topics such as police use of lethal force, accountability of government agencies, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, economic inequality, abortion, non-traditional marriage, among many others. Sports ethics, business ethics, medical ethics, educational ethics, scientific ethics, engineering and computer ethics, media ethics, management ethics, government ethics, existential risk ethics, are also broad categories for you to consider. You might want to examine an ethical issue related to your career goals to find out how ethics may apply to your future employment.You are looking for examples of real cases where people have faced the issues you want to discuss.This section, S, often is between 2 and 3 pages long depending on the examples and the description. You should provide references for all the sources of your information used in SEE.A: This is the second section of the project. In ANALYZE: You should (1) recognize the various agents and group agents, organizations, who are in conflict and point out the nature of their conflict. You can do so by representing the elements of their dynamic situated agent models that are in conflict in the examples. (For example, two agents you identify in discussing one article may be in conflict with respect to a Moral Foundation Intuition such as care, fairness, authority, loyalty etc, or beliefs, desires, plans or intentions, values, important consequences or rights and responsibilities and may be in conflict due to one holding a particular Survival Value vs. the other agent holding a particular Self-expression value or perhaps nationalist vs. globalist values or principles.)(2) you apply ethical perspectives/theories and concepts to yourself and others who are connected to the ethical issues you recognize in SEE above or are set out here in the ANALYZE section. In ANALYZE it is important to identify the various AGENTS who are part of the ethical issues. They can be part of the ethical issue because they are causing the issue, or because they are affected by the issue (either benefiting or harmed for example), or because they may become affected or may cause the issue in the future. When you identify individual agents, such as yourself, or a person in the example article presented above, show how each agent has a moral stake, a value, important consequence or rights and responsibilities that are enhanced or under threat in the examples and/or in similar situations. If you know their goals or purposes in the example, these can help make clear who is working together and who is in conflict and in many cases why that is. Consider how various ethical perspectives may support the perspective of an agent or how an ethical perspective may undercut the perspective of that agent.Also you can identify GROUP AGENTS, such as, a company, a police department, a political party or other association containing many individuals who are part of the larger GROUP AGENT. The agents are those who are affected by or contribute to the ethical issues you are investigating. So many agents may not be mentioned in the example articles you are using but you can infer that the individual agent, a police officer for example, may also implicate the GROUP AGENT, the police department that employs the office mentioned in the article. Also, the city management responsible for overseeing the police department may also be GROUP AGENTS that are important to the ethical issue in the article. These different levels of agents can play an important role in our understanding of the various forces at work in the ethical issue. Knowing the goals or purposes of the group agents will also help analyze why they take the actions they do.In your analysis you need to point out the various agents at all relevant levels and also the important information about the moral reasons that are involved in that agents behavior or actions taken or not taken. In this way, you can demonstrate your knowledge of the complex network of ethical issues and ethical reasons at work in your ANALYSIS of the ethical issue you recognize in the SEE section of the project. The different perspectives from agents/group agents can help you GENERATE some ideas on what needs to be done that you can use below. This section, A, is often 2 or 3 pages long exploring agents, multi-agents and their roles, reasons and goals as they relate to the ethical issue.G: This is the third section of the project. In GENERATE A STRATEGY: you show off your skill in developing a strategy based on ethical perspectives/theories and concepts to reduce or eliminate an ethical issue in the situations under discussion. This is a demonstration of practical reasoning that is important to your ethical wisdom. Here you generate a strategy, utilizing ideas, plans of action, that could be employed by the agents/group agents you analyzes in the analysis section that could/should mitigate or eliminate ethical issues such as those you identified in the SEE section. We can do so by:(1) identifying what you believe should be the short term and long term goals of a strategy to eliminate or mitigate the ethical problems at issue in this project.(2) identifying the actions to be taken by strategic agents and group agents who could achieve or contribute to achieving the short term or long term goals of the strategy.(3) arguing why these actions would achieve the short and long term goals and why the agents and group agents could be persuaded to undertake the actions suggested.(4) discussing the practical trade offs that need to be done in the course of implementing this strategy and achieving the short and long term goals.This section, G, is often one or two pages normally and sometimes three if you have developed a complex strategy.E: This is the forth and final section in the project. In EVALUATE:you show off your skill in evaluating the GENERATED STRATEGY above from the points of view of the ethical perspectives/theories, concepts and practical reasoning developed in this class. Here you apply ethical theories from relevant ethical perspectives to your GENERATED STRATEGY. This demonstrates your ability to apply your ethical wisdom to the complex real world situations you are focused on in the project. Here you take the ideas set out in GENERATE above and putting them to a test using your ethical wisdom. How would the various ethical perspectives/theories we discuss in the course rate your strategy? Would their ethical principles support your strategy? Would the principles forbid your proposed action? Here you show off how you can apply the ethical perspectives and theories we discuss to this real world ethical issue that affect real people. Also, provide your reasons for not following the principles based on ethical theories that would forbid your actions and why you would endorse the ethical principles that support your strategy. In this EVALUATE section, you need to respond to at least one or two major objections that you believe you would be confronted with if you were to advance this strategy. These objections may relate to your goals or objectives for the strategy, or the actions of the agents and group agents that you recommending in the Generate Strategy section. Some objections may come from ethical theories or perspectives or they can arise from practical considerations of implementation. Show how you would use ethical perspectives/theories and or practical reasoning to rebut the objections and provide good reasons to implement your strategy to reduce or eliminate the ethical issues. This section, E, is normally two or three pages.

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