Briefing Note on Motivation for workers in a Security Organization

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Posted on February 22, 2022


Project Desciption

You are a Security Manager within a private security organization and your boss (Mrs T Brown) has recognized that there is a lack of motivation among front-line workers following a period of restructuring within the company. She intends to put some initiatives in place with the intention of increasing motivation; however, before doing this, she needs more insight into what is meant by motivation and how it can be improved. Therefore, she has requested that you provide a briefing note which defines motivation and presents a theory of motivation that you consider most effective to help her achieve this task.

Please provide her with an outline of what is meant by motivation and your chosen theory of motivation, along with a brief explanation as to why you consider this perspective to be most relevant within this context. You should use a maximum of 500 words to explain your views.

The Briefing Note should draw on academic literature where appropriate and be referenced accordingly. It should be appropriately targeted to the audience, clear and succinct. You may wish to use headings or images to convey your message but please ensure you use the available space wisely to ensure you have sufficient detail.

Please ensure to use the attached References list (Essential) as any references from outside the attached list will not be accepted.

You may find the following resources useful but please remember they are not perfect examples and you will need to use your judgement to consider how best to communicate your message to the target audience.

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